Volunteer Spotlight: Bluebottle

Logo_Flame_BlackMy first kid was actually conceived at the Spot,* in the big bondage bed. It was one of those things that was brought up during orientations for many years afterward and I’ve had several partners who have gone – “oh that was you? – cool!!”

I’ve enjoyed volunteering when I can, I’ve done that at some of the first Paradise and SEAF events and its been very rewarding. For the folks who, like me, sometimes find it hard to be extroverted and meet folks, volunteering is a great way to do that. I would highly recommend it.

I remember awhile back volunteering to help get the Raw space up and going, knocking doors through, tearing up the old stage and clearing up so much crud! I was one of many, and there were folks who did oh-so-much-more than I. However, several things stick out in my mind.

First, there was the camaraderie and effort from everybody. It was amazing, and the speed things moved was impressive!

Second, there was that feeling of pride in what was happening. When folks get together for something they believe in, it happens! I remember coming home on several evenings covered in dust and grime, and talking about how do you explain to some one that you just spent the last several hours at a “sex club” painting the walls!

In a relatively short period of time, the space transformed and we had a usable space. Now that we know we are looking for a new home,  we are going to need to get our new space ready, and just the way we like it. It’s going to be an opportunity for us all to shape the space and put our mark on it. There is something so cool about knowing that your sweat went into shaping the space for years to come — that it was you that helped paint that wall!

I’m always amazed by the folks who have the drive and vision to run a party, to take something they believe in and not only make it work, but make it work time and time again.

My favorite event used to be the Grind, the mid-week escape — it had loud industrial music and it was a really good atmosphere to have a scene in. I still go to it,** but I find myself now going to a mix of parties, from the Sovereign Tea with its low-key etiquette but fun vibe mixing service and play, to Monday parties where you can always find a place to do something.

The Myself party is one that I actually have an affection for. I have always attended with a partner and although it takes a lot more effort as the top to manage a scene there, it’s very rewarding putting on a show for a receptive audience!

–Bluebottle has been a member of the Center for 14 years.

*The Wetspot was the first name of the Center for Sex Positive Culture.

**The Grind occurs on the 5th Friday in months that have five Fridays.