Daily Archives: December 19, 2016

Invest in Our Future!

The staff and directors believe our highest priority is to create the right place for our community to grow and thrive. Our plan is to create a space that suits the needs of our membership.  This is a deliberate goal and part of our mission as an organization. Finding space for everything that we want to do as a community is difficult. Many members want an improved look for our space. These improvements are not a small investment. Invest in Our Future is how we are funding this plan.

Invest in Our Future!

The Center for Sex Positive Culture has been expanding people’s horizons since 1999. We’re creating a new location that’s a better fit for the growing needs of our community. We plan to transform our new home into the perfect place for our Sex Positive community. Our focus is on building the capital we need to make this possible. We are looking to our community to invest in our future and theirs.

You can be an active part of this!
• Buy a Premium Membership for yourself or someone else
• Introduce two friends to becoming new members
• Pay to attend 4 additional events this year
• Set up a recurring monthly donation1 of $10, $20, or more
• Become a Volunteer2
• Be a continuing invested Volunteer3
When you complete one of these options you will receive your “I’m Invested” pin.

1. Monthly donations will need to recur for at least four months to earn investor status.
2. You must be a new Volunteer in and work for at least 3 months.
3. As a current Volunteer you must work a total of 120 hours a year. Positions that come with set hours (Champions, Team Leads, and some others) are not automatically included, but you can keep track of the time you put in for these positions and send them to the Volunteer Coordinator to add to your hours.