Update from the CSPC President

We have agreed on a tentative settlement with our landlord to terminate the lease for the new building. Part of that settlement is having the building ready for potential new tenants by the end of May. We’ve got a lot of work to do to get there – if you’re available to help please contact vc@thecspc.org.

This organization cannot continue the way it has been. By the middle of next week, the board is going to issue a Request For Proposals. If you have an idea for how to provide sex-positive event space in the Seattle area, this is an opportunity for you to make that happen.

Details and requirements will be in the Request For Proposals (RFP). The short version: if you have at least three people with a viable business plan, either taking over governance of the CSPC or creating a new nonprofit corporation and transferring assets, start getting ready to tell us about it. We will evaluate proposals received before July 3, and expect to make a decision at the board meeting on July 12.

Please hold your questions about the RFP process until after we announce the full details on or before May 17th, we’re still developing them. Other questions or comments, please contact cbm@thecspc.org