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Founded in 1999, the Center for Sex Positive Culture (CSPC) is a nonprofit, membership-based community center. It was established in a bold attempt to create an environment that was accommodating to sex positive communities and transformative in all areas of human sexuality, and has succeeded in creating that environment. The Center was a one-of-a-kind organization in 1999, and remains unique given its nonprofit status and community center architecture.

Mission and Sex Positive Vision

The Center for Sex Positive Culture encourages the exploration and celebration of the many facets of human sexuality. Through an encompassing variety of events, created by and for its membership, the CSPC seeks to educate, to facilitate consensual open sexual expression and dialog, and to provide a venue for fellowship and community.

As proponents of sex positive culture, we believe that the appropriate uses of sex extend beyond reproduction. They include creating personal pleasure, bonding interpersonal relationships, promoting spiritual growth, and enhancing emotional and physical health. In a sex positive world, everyone has the freedom and resources to pursue a fulfilling and empowering sex life.


We have developed a framework to ensure a safe and supportive community center.  All new members must attend an orientation, where we provide clear facility rules and event rules, guidelines to appropriate conduct and etiquette, safer sex and cleanliness guidelines, and a privacy and confidentiality agreement.

We are a leader in the sex positive culture, creating norms of inclusion and non-discrimination. We also serve as a model for other organizations launching centers around the country. Sex positive groups like the Sharma Center and Love Tribe in Portland have been inspired by our structure.

Offerings, Activities and Outreach

The center hosts a wide variety of events every month – daily events include themed dance parties, daytime playtime space, and special events like New Year’s Eve. We are very proud of Seattle Erotic Art Festival, founded in 2002, which is now run by our sister nonprofit, the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture (FSPC).

We collaborate with the Foundation (FSPC), hosting workshops, discussion and support groups, and other Foundation events. Also, we house the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture Library. We actively participate in national conferences focusing on various topics on sexuality and related to sex positive organizations like Pride and GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender). In addition, we both participate in Seattle festivals like the Capitol Hill Block Party and Pride, host regular forums at local colleges and universities, and participate in radio talk shows.

Structure and Leadership

As a Washington State nonprofit 501(c)(7), our conduct is guided by a board of directors who are seated for three-year terms. Board members are vetted through a nominations committee and voted into office by the Foundation Board of Directors. We follow a corporate structure, with a full-time executive director, part-time site coordinator, and executive officers including a president, secretary and treasurer, each serving one year terms.


We are a grassroots effort powered by our volunteers (with a few exceptions). We offer volunteers free entry to events at which they are working and other perks depending on the type of work and time spent, and volunteers gain valuable experience that can be applied in the greater community. Many volunteer opportunities are available.


We have over 2,000 current members. Membership is required to attend most of our events, though all Foundation events are open to anyone 18+. We offer different levels of membership with varying costs and benefits. In order to support all groups and interests, we encourage members to suggest and organize events, and new ideas are always welcome.

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