Our new space


The Center for Sex Positive Culture has found a new home! We have signed a lease for 1514 NW 46th St, Seattle, WA 98107, located in Ballard. We will have a dedicated parking lot with 18 spaces and there is unrestricted, free street parking throughout the neighborhood. For those that use transit we will be a short distance from a bus stop along the routes of the 40 and D-line. We are very happy to have found a location that is so close to our old space and hopefully will remain convenient for our membership.

What Does All Of This Cost?

Thanks to the generous in-kind donations of skilled labor we are looking at an estimated $220-250K to complete all the build-out and updates required. The build-out looks something like this:

  • Fire Code Updates: $57K
  • Construction (including ADA compliance and seismic retrofitting): $52K
  • Build-Out Supplies & Overhead: $36K
  • Licensed Architects & Engineers: $25K
  • Electrical & Lighting Updates: $20K
  • Permitting & Licenses: $15K
  • Furnishings: $15K
  • Energy Code Updates: $10K
  • Plumbing Updates (including on-demand water heaters and laundry): $3,500



What This Means For Our New Home

Our new home is located on Block 69, in the Ballard neighbourhood of Seattle- two miles north of our previous location, with easy access to bus lines, ample parking, and just a few blocks from restaurants and shopping. The new building provides us 15% more usable square footage and allows us to craft the space for the unique needs of our community.

Once renovations are complete our new home will be fully ADA compliant and accessible, so everyone regardless of ability, can feel welcome in the space. While these changes add a layer of complexity to the design, we feel strongly that this is money well spent.

The space is also being designed for maximum versatility. While it is expensive to build for a myriad of uses up front, it will save money in the long run by not having to undo work or making additions later. This includes a more usable layout for the Pacific Northwest Library for Sex Positive Culture, whose collection has grown exponentially, and dedicated meeting space within the library for discussion groups and study.

Improved spaces for The Foundation For Sex Positive Culture (a 501(c)3 partner organization) and The Consent Academy, both housed within The CSPC, will allow for increased educational programming and community support groups. The FSPC and Consent Academy provide invaluable education and outreach both within The CSPC facilities and the community at large.

Risks & Roadblocks

Our goal is to open the doors to our new home during summer 2017. As with any building project, there are potential outcomes which could delay our opening:

  • Delays in the permitting process: Seattle is a hot market and the city permitting/inspection staff is overwhelmed with requests for building permits. Consequently the turnaround times could run longer than anticipated.
  • Volunteer availability: We’re relying on a proven history of in-kind donations of skilled labor and the hard work of our member volunteers to lower the overall build-out costs. Our members are busy people, often with competing priorities, so some projects may take longer to complete.
  • Building upgrades: Our new building was originally built as a warehouse. The use of the space as a community center required updating the premises for public use. While estimates can be made for anticipated upgrade costs, whenever upgrading or converting a property, unseen factors and their associated expenses can arise.

What You Can Do to Help

Donate Money

While we do have funds to get this project underway, how much our community can contribute will make a difference in really taking this space to the next level. You can donate here or at any of the upcoming events. Whether you can give a little or a lot, we appreciate all who can contribute. Please keep an eye out for fundraisers and specific drives where we will fundraise for specific things for the new space. Some of these special projects we won’t be able to do without your help, so please donate to the things you really want to see in our new home