Social and BDSM party with a live DJ


Ascension is a group for 18-35 year old sex positive young adults in the Seattle area. We meet at the Center for Sex Positive Culture for fun, conversation, and miscellaneous naughtiness every 3rd Tuesday of the month.

The Ascension Social!

Every month, we have a social – a low-pressure, casual event where you can show up (for free) and get to know younger members at the Center. Please bring a potluck snack to share. We encourage silly party games, anguished screams, and general debauchery. We often have free oral swab HIV testing in the medical room for the first few hours. Feel free to bring games and finger foods. Note to the wise, you may want to wear nice underwear, as it’s not unusual to find people playing board games with modified with “strip” rules. A great way to meet people — Come get your flirt on!

When: 7pm-9pm on the third Tuesday
Where: Main Space
Who: Anyone 18-35, ID Required
Cost: Free (During the Social, members may pre-pay for the Ascension Play Party – which immediately follows at 9pm to midnight – at the discounted rate of $10.)

The Ascension Play party!

Now that you’ve had a chance to get your flirt on at the social or pick up some new skills at the workshop, it’s time to play!

We’ve got hot music and hot scenes. Bonus- if you pay during the social or workshop, your get $5 off the door charge for the party.

Ascension Rules:

  • BDSM allowed, sex encouraged!
  • Edge play: EC discretion, please ask first. When in doubt, ask first. Look for someone with a badge.
  • No photos; no cell phones, blackberries, laptops.
  • The back play spaces are for couples, moresomes and invited voyeurs only.
  • Ask staff if you need supplies, or need assistance moving furniture for a scene.
  • As always: no alcohol, and smoking permitted outside only.

What is TNG? The short answer is: the Under-35 crowd. TNG (The Next Generation) is a nation-wide trend in the Alt-community. This group is meant to foster peer kinship, safety, education, and outreach to bring interested folks into the scene. Our intent is not to cause discomfort or hard feelings among the older generation, but rather to create a place where young BDSMers can come and grow among their peers, while establishing strong roots within the larger kinky community.  Note: See event staff to reserve play equipment if it’s a busy night.  Recommended: reserve by 8.

Cost: $15 members; $25 nonmembers.