The Big Idea Meeting

Hey, What’s the Big Idea?

The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.
–Linus Pauling
photo credit Art Donovan

Photo credit and lamp design by Art Donovan, Donovan Design. Used with permission.

Have an idea for a new party or event? All of the exciting parties you’ve attended at the Center for Sex Positive Culture were started by our membership! Members come up with the big ideas, form teams, and volunteer to staff the events.

Come to the Big Idea Meeting for help developing your idea, finding people to join your team, and submitting a party plan.

Interested in hearing about others’ event ideas? Want to get in on the ground floor and join a team to make things happen? We’d love to have you at the Big Idea Meeting! Each new event needs three Champions, and this meeting is a great opportunity to chat about your ideas and join forces.

The CSPC Party Planning packet has all the details about how to make big ideas a reality. You can find it at

If you have questions about the Big Idea Meeting or about starting the event of your dreams, contact the party planning liaison at

Can’t make it, but want to help out? Email our Champion Lead with your contact info and a brief description of your skills and what kind of party you might want to get involved with.

The Big Idea Meeting
CSPC Raw Space
2nd Tuesdays in February, May, August, November
Members only, 18 & older