Essential House Rules


Please read through this short list of guidelines to help make your visit as pleasant as possible. If you have questions about any specific kind of play (such as any of our restricted activities), please see this web-page:

Diversity and Tolerance The Center for Sex Positive Culture welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, play style, relationship choices, race, religion, ability, disability or body type.

Privacy and Confidentiality We take our members’ & guests’ privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Do not “out” other people you see here without their consent. Also, no phones, computers, or other devices are allowed past the cashier’s station with few exceptions.

No Means No / Yes Means Yes We do not allow touching in a sexual or sensual manner without express permission. We take this very seriously. If someone tells you “no” (whether it’s a request to play or have sex or a request just to talk), accept their “no” and move on or change the conversation. Also, your right (and obligation) to say “no” to things you don’t want is important. If you’ve been clear with someone and they continue to bother you, see a Staff member right away.

Guest Policy All CSPC Members are permitted to bring non-member guests to our events. The number of guests you are allowed to bring, and the price for attendance, is outlined in your membership documents.

Anyone bringing a guest is responsible for the behavior and understanding of their guest. Please prepare your guests. Be sure your guests are familiar with the event’s culture and Center rules. You must on hand to talk them through any concerns they have throughout the evening. Members are required to arrive with or before their guests and the guests may not stay at the Center after the member leaves. If you arrive before your guest, please let the cashier know that you are expecting someone. Be available to sign them in when they arrive.

Outside the Building:

  • You must be dressed appropriately.
  • No sexual behavior in the parking lot.
  • Don’t park in another business’s parking lot; don’t block driveways, exits, etc.

Inside the Building:

  • Clean up after yourself.
  • Strip the bed if you use it; put sheets in laundry hampers.
  • Sanitize all the equipment that you’ve used.
  • If you’re naked, put a towel between you and any furniture you sit on.
  • Respect other people’s play. No loud voices. No judgements. No tromping through scenes.

Prohibited Activities

The Center for Sex Positive Culture encourages the exploration and celebration of the many facets of human sexuality. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow the following activities:

  • Fire Play, Fire Cupping and Candle-Wax Play. These activities are allowed only with a per-instance permit issued by the City of Seattle. Cell popping, branding and heated wax play are still allowed.
  • Solid state power supply electrical “wands”. All of the solid state power supply type “wands” are currently banned. This includes the Kinklabs neon wand, the Nova violet wand, the Sian violet ray device, and all other similar devices.
  • Scat play is not allowed. Scat play is defined as the intentional incorporation of feces into a scene. This is not to be confused with anal play or other types of play where feces may be incidental to or accidental.
  • Autoerotic asphyxiation.
  • No guns or objects shaped like guns.
  • No alcohol or drugs or playing while impaired. If you see someone who is impaired, let a Staff member know.

Restricted Activities
Event Coordinator permission required
For the safety and comfort of all of our attendees, we ask that the following activities be discussed with the Event Coordinator prior to your scene.

  • Suspension – Not all events allow suspensions. Please see the section labeled “Suspension Rules”.
  • Breath Play – Or any play that impedes oxygen to the brain. Please see the section labeled “Breath Play Rules”.
  • Knife Play – Staff need to know when you are using sharp objects in your scene to prevent unintentional injury.
  • Blood Play – Any play which involves the intentional use of blood in a scene may require special monitoring or clean up.
  • Take-down, Resistance, or Consensual “Forced” Sex Play – The Event Coordinator has the authority to approve or deny these activities.
  • Loud, potentially disruptive or potentially messy activities – Not all events allow this type of play. Please consult with the EC and alert the Staff on duty of any protective measures required.

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