Frolic on 15th!

Indulge in a sex and light BDSM party for the younger crowd!

Come indulge in something a little different: a sex and light BDSM party for those 18-35. We feature a cuddle puddle, plenty of public and semi-private play space, a “Kink Zone”, and midnight cookies! The back rooms will be available for more private play, and we often host a demo, ice breaker, or discussion.

We are a TNG event, and open to those 18 to 35 years old and their accompanied partners only. The TNG movement began in 1999, to provide a safe and welcoming space for younger people to explore the scene. TNG events provide the a comfortable space for young people to learn and explore, and networking and connections between people who are at similar life stages. Learn more about TNG here:

Party Rules: Please refrain from edge play, blood play, or scenes which might be disturbing to other attendees. We are trying to create a sensuous atmosphere that is welcoming to newcomers, those who are “kink curious,” and those who are more interested in sex than sadomasochism. The side rooms will be open for limited heavier play. Check in with us if you’re not sure your scene will be a good fit, or get more information on our FetLife group:

For more information, contact

  • Who: CSPC members 18-35, their partners,  and their invited guests only
  • Cost: Members: $15,
  • Guests: $25, $5 off before 10pm
  • When: The first Thursday of the month, from 9pm – 1am
  • Where: Main Space