House Rules

Guidelines for Appropriate Conduct

Please read through this list of guidelines to help make your visit as pleasant as possible.

Diversity and Tolerance
The Center for Sex Positive Culture welcomes everyone, regardless of gender, orientation, race, religion, ability, disability or body type.  People from many different communities within the sex-positive culture attend our events. Leaving intolerance at the door is important.  Racist, sexist, homophobic, heterophobic, bi-phobic, gender-phobic, leather-phobic, sex-phobic, size-phobic, ableist, ageist or other prejudiced remarks and attitudes are not allowed at the Center.  CSPC members have the right to expect the tolerance and respect of their fellow members.
If seeing a particular activity makes you uncomfortable, or if there is someone at an event with whom you have unresolved conflict, it is up to you remove yourself from the situation.  Public interpersonal conflict has no place at the Center.

Privacy and Confidentiality
We take our members’ & guests’ privacy and confidentiality seriously.  Do not “out” other people you see here.  When you are outside of our spaces orevents, and especially in public contexts or written forums, do not use names, email addresses, or any other details that might identify someone that you saw here.  When you are at our events, do not reveal information (real names, occupations, etc.) that may put others in a compromised position in their daily lives.

No Means No / Yes Means Yes
Do not touch others without express permission.  If you aren’t sure, err on the side of caution and don’t touch.  If someone tells you no – whether it’s a request to play or have sex or a request to just talk – please accept their “no” and move on or change the conversation.  Do not ask why, or ask if they’ll do something else. Violation of this rule can result in being asked to leave the event and may result in other consequences

Guest Policy
All CSPC Members are permitted to bring non-member guests to our events.  The number of guests you are allowed to bring, and the price for attendance, is outlined in your membership documents.  The following rules and restrictions apply:

  • All guests must show currently valid government-issued picture ID showing they over the age of 18.
  • Members are to make sure their guests have a full understanding of where they are going and what we do at the event before they arrive (so they are making an informed choice about whether attending is right for them).
  • Anyone bringing a guest is responsible for the behavior and understanding of their guest. Please prepare your guests.  Be sure your guests are familiar with the event’s culture and the Center rules.  Members with guests must on hand to talk them through any concerns throughout the evening.
  • Members are required to arrive with or before their guests, and the guests may not stay at the Center after the member leaves.  *If you arrive before your guest, please let the cashier know that you are expecting someone and be available to sign them in when they arrive.
  • Guests not escorted by a member at an “open to the public” event or as a guest of the Center with permission from our executive staff are expected to abide by the same rules as guests of members.

We are here to help

CSPC staff is committed to providing the best possible experience for all of our members.  Please let us know if:

  • You have been touched in a non-consensual way.
  • You have been “outed” by another member.
  • You are being harassed or approached repeatedly after saying “No”.
  • You believe that someone at the event is intoxicated or impaired.
  • You feel that a member or guest at an event is in violation of our House Rules.
  • You had a good time!  

Prohibited Activities

The Center for Sex Positive Culture encourages the exploration and celebration of the many facets of human sexuality. Unfortunately, we are not able to allow the following activities:

  • Open flames, fire play, fire cupping and candle-wax play are not allowed.  These activities are allowed only with a per-instance permit issued by the City of Seattle. Cell popping, branding and heated wax play are still allowed.  Branding requires advance permission from the Managing Director.
  • Solid state power supply electrical “wands” are not allowed.  All of the solid state power supply type “wands” are currently banned.  This includes the Kinklabs neon wand, the Nova violet wand, the Sian violet ray device, and all other similar devices.
  • Scat play is not allowed.  Scat play is defined as the intentional incorporation of feces into a scene.  This is not to be confused with anal play or other types of play where feces may be incidental to or accidental.
  • Autoerotic asphyxiation is not allowed.

Restricted Activities

Event Coordinator permission required
For the safety and comfort of all of our attendees, we ask that the following activities be discussed with the Event Coordinator prior to your scene.

  • Suspension – Not all events allow suspensions.  Please see the section labeled “Suspension Rules”.
  • Breath Play – Any play that impedes oxygen to the brain.  Please see the section labeled “Breath Play Rules”.
  • Knife Play – To prevent unintentional injury, staff need to know when you are using sharp objects in your scene.
  • Blood Play – Any play which involves the intentional use of blood in a scene may require special monitoring or clean up.
  • Takedown Resistance or Consensual “Forced” Sex Play – The Event Coordinator has the authority to approve or deny these activities.
  • Loud, potentially disruptive or potentially messy activities – Not all events allow this type of play.  Please consult with the EC and alert the Staff on duty of any protective measures required.

Facility Rules

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to attend any events at the Center.  Upon request by Event Staff, you must be able to present acceptable picture ID and remove any item covering your face in order to verify your age.  Acceptable forms of ID include a current valid state driver license, an instructional permit with a photo, a valid DMV ID from any state, a valid passport, or a valid military ID card.  Acceptable ID must include a photo, name, date of birth, a physical description, and must be current (not expired).
  • The consumption or use of alcohol, marijuana, poppers or other recreational, illegal or controlled substances is prohibited on the Center premises, including the parking lot and the smoking deck.  Anyone appearing to be impaired or otherwise intoxicated may be refused admittance to events, and may be asked to leave the premises.  Consuming prohibited items on the property may be cause for ejection.
  • There is no smoking in the building or the breezeway, including electronic cigarettes.  There is a fenced smoking area on the south side of the main space.  Please dispose of ashes and cigarette butts properly.
  • Offering or agreeing to any service for money is strictly forbidden, including, but not limited to, prostitution and professional domination or submission.  There may be very narrow exceptions to this rule made in advance to accommodate special activities such as fundraisers and vendor fairs.
  • No firearms are allowed on the premises.  This includes any object that looks in any way like a real gun no matter the material or color.  Only the Managing Director may issue an exception to this rule.
  • You must be dressed in appropriate street attire whenever entering or leaving our building, in the cashier areas, in the library, or whenever you can be seen from the building entrances.  There is no loitering allowed in front of the building at any time.
  • Sexual behavior is not allowed in the parking areas surrounding the building or on the smoking deck.  “Sexual behavior” includes BDSM/kink play or sex of any kind.
  • Do not affix anything to the walls or attach anything to the ceilings.  Only approved hard-points are to be used for suspensions.
  • Do not move furniture or equipment (except chairs) without first getting permission or assistance from a Staff member.
  • Clean up after yourself in the social areas, in the bathrooms, and in the play areas.  Please ask a Staff member for help if you’ve spilled something and need assistance in cleaning it up.  When using the beds, please make the bed with a clean sheet before using it.  Dirty sheets, towels, and other laundry items should be placed in the laundry bins after use.
  • Body fluids and emissions must be properly cleaned up, and equipment must be re-sanitized after use.  Cleaning agents, paper towels, etc., are all readily available.  Ask a Staff member if you need assistance.
  • Whenever you are unclothed, a towel or other barrier should be between you and any furniture you sit or lay on.  Cover your pelvic area before entering a food service area.
  • Parking is allowed in front of our building and along the south side of our building at most times.  We will not be held responsible if you are towed for parking illegally.  There is parking in the lot to the north of us. Do not park in front of the nearby businesses when they are open.  Do not block ANY driveways, gates or exits.

Event Rules

These rules apply to the premises of the Center and to all events sponsored by the Center unless there are posted notices suspending them.

  • Using cell phones, laptops, e-readers, tablet computers and other electronic communication devices is prohibited in most of the Center building or on the smoking deck during Center events.  Communication devices may be used at the cashier stations and in the library.  This includes texting, web-browsing and phone calls.  Using headsets, Bluetooth devices, pagers and PDAs is also prohibited.  All electronic devices must be silenced.  This rule does not apply to Center or Foundation staff for Center or Foundation related business.
  • Photographing, videotaping and audio taping are not permitted during a CSPC event without prior permission from the Managing Director or a representative of the Managing Director.
  • Companion animals and pets are not allowed in the building during events.  Attendees bringing a Service Animal to an event will be asked to sign a Service Animal Agreement.
  • Please do not masturbate to a scene in progress or engage in solo masturbatory play unless the rules of the event specifically allow these activities.
  • We allow only one person at a time in the bathrooms, unless special assistance is needed.  We do not allow sex or play in the bathrooms.
  • Event attendees are welcome to use the showers.  If you want to play in the showers, let a Staff member know before you start.
  • Golden showers, or urine play, are only allowed in the showers.
  • We do not allow sleeping during events.  This includes the sleeping in the sex rooms, the social areas, or any other shared space.
  • NEVER walk across the play space floor or through a designated play area.  When passing around or near a scene, please be aware of your surroundings and any potential for injury.
  • Do not interrupt people already engaged in sex or a scene for any reason.  You must have prior permission from the participants in order to join in.
  • Do not engage in loud or lengthy discussions in the sex areas or in or near social areas where your conversation may distract or disrupt other people.
  • Unless an area is designated “non-voyeur” you may politely watch what other attendees are doing, but always give the participants plenty of space so you don’t interfere with or disrupt their scene.

The House Safeword is “safeword”. Ignoring use of this word will result in staff intervention.


  • Each event may have different rules. Familiarize yourself with these rules in order to avoid inappropriate behavior.  If you have questions about the rules of an event ask the Event Coordinator.
  • Not everyone can tolerate strong scents and perfumes, and some people are allergic to them. Please keep your use of scents to a minimum.
  • Please remember that other people may be waiting to use a piece of equipment, a bed or a play space. When you have finished with your scene, move elsewhere for aftercare. When you are done using a bed, please make it available for others.
  • Safer sex is always highly recommended.  We are all adults, and should know the degree of safety required for safe play.  A wide variety of safer sex supplies are available free of charge to help you meet whatever your mutually understood safer sex standards are.
  • If you feel that particular rules or guidelines are not being followed, if a person appears inadequately experienced for the type of play they are doing, or if you observe someone behaving inappropriately, please advise a Staff member of your concerns.  Do not intervene on your own.

Suspension Rules

All suspensions including partial-suspensions and self-suspensions must be approved in advance by the Event Coordinator.
The Event Coordinator may exercise independent judgment taking into consideration several factors on where, when or whether a suspension may take place.  Examples of relevant factors include: the nature of the event, the availability of Monitors and other staff, and the Event Coordinator’s own personal experience and/or knowledge of the player(s).  The Event Coordinator may not delegate this decision to other staff.
Participants must supply all of their own equipment to do suspensions at the Center.  The Center provides only the attachment point on the ceiling or wall or on the rack or frame.  Everything else is the responsibility of the participants.  The participants are responsible for knowing their equipment’s strength, safety and condition.
When requesting to do a suspension the participants must be able to articulate to the Event Coordinator’s satisfaction how they will raise and lower a person.  The Event Coordinator may ask to inspect the person’s equipment for items that are not allowed.

Mats must be used when:

  • A person is hanging from the equipment under their own power.
  • A person is climbing, or plans to climb, on a suspended person.
  • Exception: A person may sit or lean on a partner who is suspended without the use of a mat.

Disallowed rigging for suspensions

  • Rope or straps directly in contact with any of the Center’s metal hard points are not allowed.  Participants must supply their own metal connection to ceiling hard points and are responsible for their equipment’s condition.
  • Visibly damaged equipment is not allowed.
  • Open hooks or carabiners are not allowed.
  • Items labeled or designated as “Not for overhead lifting” or “Not for lifting of persons” are not allowed.  Examples may include ratchet straps, winches and chain hoists.
  • Aerial equipment that does not involve bondage must always be approved by the Managing Director  in advance.  Approval for this equipment will normally be reserved for special events or performances.

Self Suspensions

  • Self-suspensions must always have a spotter who, throughout the scene, is attentive to the action and within reach of it.
  • The spotter must be capable of aiding in the lowering of the self-suspension rigger.
  • The self-suspension rigger must be tied to a hardpoint in a manner that will prevent their head from striking the ground.  Only once the self-suspension rigger is anchored in this way may any mechanical device (such as a block and tackle) be employed.

Further Guidelines for Approving Suspensions

  • ECs may impose other restrictions on suspension play at their discretion.

Breath Play

All breath play, including breath restrictions and blood flow restrictions must be approved in advance by the Event Coordinator.

The Event Coordinator may exercise their judgment taking into consideration several factors on where, when or whether breath play may take place.  Examples of relevant factors include: the nature of the event, the availability of Monitors and other Staff, and the Event Coordinator’s own personal experience and knowledge of the players.  The Event Coordinator may not delegate this decision to other Staff.

  • Any method used to restrict blood or oxygen flow to the brain must be an actively and continuously applied action.  This means that stopping the active application of the action must cause the restriction to stop.  Acceptable examples include: a strap without hardware or loops held around the neck with only the hands, finger pressure to the neck area, and a flat piece of plastic or cloth held over the face with only the hands.  Unacceptable examples include: tying a bag over someone’s head or sealing them in a bag without breathing apparatus, inflatable gags or other gags, collars, or gas masks that restrict blood or oxygen by themselves, and tightening a noose or other knot around someone’s neck.
  • Anything that restricts blood or oxygen flow to the brain until a loss of consciousness occurs is prohibited.  Loss of consciousness during breath play will result in both parties permanently losing the privilege to engage in this type of play at the Center.

Solo Play

Individual events set the rules about what types of solo play are allowed. Some events may allow specific types of solo play only in designated areas and some events may prohibit it altogether.

  • Check with Staff before you engage in any solo play (including but not limited to self-suspension, needles, masturbation, self bondage, practicing with implements, etc).
  • Autoerotic asphyxiation is prohibited.

About our Staff

Staff members are trained volunteers, here to keep events safe and the Center available for Members and their Guests.  Staff members can be identified by their colored Center badges.
If a Staff member asks you to stop an activity, you must do so at once.  If you disagree with the request, you are welcome to talk to the Event Coordinator, but please do not argue with the Staff member.  Failure to follow event or facility rules may result in suspension or revocation of membership.
A Staff member may ask you to stop an activity:

  • If the Staff member believes that your actions present an imminent and unreasonable danger to yourself, your partner, other members, or the property or well-being of the Center.
  • If there is some other circumstance or outside influence that necessitates an interruption.

A Staff member may ask you to leave the premises for:

  • Disobeying rules or engaging in illegal activity.
  • Refusing to produce acceptable identification or fill out a Release Form.
  • Disorderly conduct or harassment of another attendee.
Important Contact Information
The Main Space is located at: 1602 15th Ave. W.

Seattle, WA  98119

The Annex, Raw Dungeon and Library are located next door at: 1608 15th Ave. W.

Seattle, WA  98119

Phone (206) 270-9746 Our Website:


If you have any questions about any of these rules, or would like to tell us about your experiences at the Center, please feel free to contact any of the Executive Staff below.

CSPC Managing Director

CSPC Development Director

CSPC Facility Manager

CSPC Volunteer Corps Director

CSPC Board President

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