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“I am so glad I came back to the Center.  It took me the first year just to figure out what this place was about. In my second year now, I’m making the most of my membership, making real friends, and coming to be a part of the community.  No regrets!” –MS

About Membership Renewal

  • Near the end of your membership, our computer system will alert the cashiers that your membership is about to expire.
  • You can renew your membership at any regular CSPC event or online through our member portal.
  • Once your membership expires, you may be required to pay guest attendance rates (usually $10 more than members).
  • After two years, you will be asked to attend a New Member Orientation to be brought up to date on any rules or guidelines that may have changed.

We offer other types of memberships along with our Friends (basic) membership. Learn about our Membership Levels.

Memberships are one of our key sources of income. Please support the Center — renew!

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