CSPC Presents: Leather & Lace! Happy New Year!!!

New Year's Eve Party Poster

New Year's Eve Party PosterHard or Soft, Bruised or Flushed, CSPC Presents the best of both worlds, Leather & Lace this New Year’s Eve!

Who: CSPC Members and Invited Guests Only (18+)
Cost: Member Price: $30, Guest Price: $30, AYCE: $15, Premium/Metal: $15
When: Thursday, Dec 31st 8pm – 2am
Where: Main Space, Annex, Raw Space

Buy your ticket today, and save $5 off the door price! Ticket sales end Wednesday, 12/30/15 11:59pm.

Start 2016 off with a BANG! The Center for Sex Positive Culture has a long history of the Rough & the Tough and the Salacious & the Sensuous! This New Year’s Eve join us as we present Leather & Lace!

Visit the Leather Dungeon if you want some festive marks to ring in the New Year! Whether you are into heavy impact, bondage, or medical play, the Leather Staff will be ready to assist you! Be creative and take BDSM and Sex to the heaviest and highest level you can imagine. The Dungeon will also be hosting substantial refreshments to keep you energized.
Anything sanctioned by the CSPC is allowed.

The Lace Lounge in the Annex is the softer side, with several cozy curtained off areas for sex and light kink play. In the Raw Space, you’ll find a sumptuous dessert buffet and ample social and play space. Relax into luxury as you play the night away, or meet someone new for that midnight kiss!

With phenomenal performances, devious demos, delectable desserts, savory snacks, and a midnight sparkling cider toast, “Leather and Lace” is sure to have something for everyone! Get your tickets today! http://center.ticketleap.com/leatherandlace/details

For more information, contact Miss Dee or kikiPUCK at fundraisers@theCSPC.org.

Blog Post: Ruin: Topping from the Inside Out

We are pleased share a guest blog post by Ruin, who has a workshop coming up on December 7th, So You Wanna Be a Top.

Topping from the Inside Out

When I began teaching in the sex-positive community, I was inspired to create classes that addressed subjects no one had taught me about when I first came into the BDSM scene. So You Wanna Be a Top is one of those classes.

When I ventured into the kink community, I was 100%, through-and-through, strictly a bottom. I could not imagine ever wanting to top. I enjoyed bottoming far too much. As I spent more time at the Center for Sex Positive Culture, and played with more and more people, I also watched more and more people playing. My curiosity grew, as did my confidence. That is when I began toying with the idea of giving the whole topping thing a try.

I still remember the very first scene I ever topped. I had the how-tos, what are also known as hard skills – how to flog, how to punch, how to cane, how to pierce, etc. Where I was not as strong were the soft skills, things like:RuinPresenterPic

understanding my motivation as a top
recognizing my topping style
finding compatible bottoms
managing my own top-drop

So while my first topping scene went fine externally, knowing what I know now, there were many things I could have done differently that would have improved the experience for both top and bottom internally.

Speaking of top and bottom, having the added experience of topping has given me a far greater appreciation for those who top me. Those who identify strictly as bottoms may also find So You Wanna Be a Top . . . valuable, as it will give them insight into the topping experience. That insight can lead to greater compassion, gratitude, patience, and connection between bottom and top.

I believe having a balance of both the hard and soft skills is one of the things that separates a good top from an excellent top. Another thing I believe separates good from excellent is acknowledging the ethics and responsibilities of a top. There is so much more to a scene than merely what the top is doing to the bottom. Yes, it is play. Yes, it is meant to be fun. So is sky diving. That is a form of play, and fun, and we know better than to disregard important aspects of skydiving, like gravity, and the ground. In kink, we cannot disregard the fact that we are dealing with human beings, not dolls, not robots, but real people. Real people have real thoughts and emotions that tops must be ready and willing to manage, including their own.

So You Wanna Be a Top sets the implements aside, and takes a deeper look at the whys and what fors of the topping experience. Whatever role you identify with – top, bottom, switch, or unsure – this workshop provides a safe space for exploring what you want, why you want it, and how to get it, ethically and responsibly.

So You Wanna Be a Top is presented by the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, and hosted by the Center for Sex Positive Culture. A full description of the workshop, plus the instructor’s bio and ticketing information can be found here.

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Hi everyone,

The Calendar team is working hard to assure that the calendar is correct. Several events were deleted programmatically and we aren’t sure of the source. We are working hard to make sure the calendar is correct. Please let us know if the event you expect to see is missing. We’ll be seeking updated listings from Champions and EC’s later this week. Thanks for your patience and we apologize!

If you have tech skills, we do have openings on the team.

Celia, Jamie & Joshua



Blog Post: FrozenMeursault

Educator Image

I spoke with FrozenMeursault, sadist, geek, instructor, nice guy on Sunday afternoon. He will be presenting four classes on Monday and Tuesday, November 2nd and 3rd. ~~CeliaEducator Image

He will be teaching Monday afternoon on Caning, Monday evening is “Anatomy for Rope Bondage” and Tuesday evening is “Good Responses to Bad Problems.”

Why do you think that folks find caning intimidating?

I think folks have a specific image of caning gained from pornography or stories, an image of a bottom bent over a desk, the top standing several feet away, and a long rattan cane being swung hard to leave clear and severe marks.

It can feel disconnected, cold…for a lot of people that creates an artificial barrier between them and giving it a try.

What would you say to folks who are thinking about it?

It’s a very distinct sensation. It can be modulated to be more intimate and less severe. It provides a sensation that’s different from most other implements. Adding caning gives a different thing to feel or experience during a scene.

What’s your favorite thing about caning?

The severity. Just kidding. Not really though. I’m a sadist. I love when a partner allows me to be severe with them and we can experience that vulnerability together.

My style of caning is not traditional at all. It tends to involve very little distance between my partner and I. I love the marks that are left and how clearly they can be seen and felt. I derive pleasure from the marks themselves and from the style that I bring to caning.

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Blog Post: Peter Petersen


Monique Darling and Peter Petersen will be in town this Monday for Successfully Navigating Threeways and Tuesday for Official Cuddle Party & Qigong. I spoke with Monique a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share Peter’s perspective as well. We spoke by phone on Wednesday.

Why do threeways? Is the question different for an individual compared with a couple?

Apart from it being different and exciting and potentially more sensual, when you find that extra person who has amazing chemistry and energetic flow with you, it can create the most super spectacular, fun sexual experience. However, It can also create the most haywire, chaotic and emotional paperwork and red tape you can possibly ever think of. So, If it’s not conducted with some awareness and panache and tact, it can create super crazy making experiences you do not want to explore. You have to be super aware and conscious of how it’s executed or you can create more strife than it’s worth.

Motivation for an individual:

I think the paradox between the individual and the couple is that the motivations are very similar and completely different. The individual is looking to have some fun and do something different. And the couple is looking to have some fun and do something different. Beyond that, it’s a tough question. I look at it as a way to explore the human body and sensuality and sexuality. Couples may be looking to break up the monotony. Bringing a third person in can be a game changer. It changes the flow of how the whole operation works. I almost think the couple sometimes wants the threesome more than the individual. They may be more attached to having the individual come into the dyad and play.

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Celia speaks with Monique Darling~~ Blog Post

Monique Darling and Peter Peterson will be presenting for the Foundation on October 12th and 13th. I first met Monique at Sex Geek Summer Camp last year. She travels so much that one of her sites is www.whereintheworldismoniquedarling.com. It was a great pleasure to catch up with Moniuqe when she visited for the FSPC Education Forum and I asked her these questions a few days via phone…………

You are identified as a “three or moresome choreographer extraordinaire.” Can you tell us what that means?

It means that in the over 200 threesomes and moresomes that I have participated or directed, there have only been two that I would classify as not successful. In the other 198, everyone walks away feeling like it was a win for them.

I help people be more comfortable in their bodies and in their akward or discomfort. We create a playful atmosphere where it’s not so serious and we can all enjoy one another. The greatest tool that I can offer someone is that it’s always about multiplication, not subtraction. Moresomes are about adding to the existing relationship, not taking away from it.

Will this workshop apply for people in Dominant/submissive relationships? How?

It can definitely apply. The class is full clothed, so there are lots of opportunities to play around.  It will give you skills on how you can support each other. You will learn to be the director and direct the other two players for fun. You can either try both sides or stay in your dynamic and play together.

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Seeking Board Members to represent the Community

We are looking for members to serve on the Nominating Committee for 2015/2016 Community Board Members! You will be nominating candidates to serve a 1-year term on the Board of Directors. These shorter terms make board service accessible to more members and ensure a fresh flow of ideas and energy on the board. Email Nomination@theCSPC.org for more information or to indicate your interest in serving on the committee or standing as a candidate.

Lisa Rogers Lowrance
Center for Sex Positive Culture
Board of Directors

Rough and Tumble 2nd & 4th Mondays

The place to play rough.

When: 6pm-Midnight on the second and fourth monday of every month
Who: Members and invited guests, 18+
Where: The Annex & Raw
Cost: $10, guests $20
Premium & AYCE Cardholders: Free

Includes admission to the Monday Madness that starts at 7PM.

The Rough-N-Tumble is held on the second Monday and fourth Monday of each month.

The second Monday is the Dojo. On this evening we include: The Dojo Instructional Series. The focus of the Dojo Instruction Series is toward the training and practice of: martial arts, rough play, safety, personal defense, and kink. With this in mind, our instructors deliver a wide range of topics, themes, and skills.

The second Monday and fourth Monday include: The Kundalini Practice Series
Sessions led by Roberto, one of the hosts.

We encourage all sorts of play at these event, both rough and not so rough (we have pillowfights!). Our more popular activities include: Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Sword Fighting, Knife Fighting, Take-Down Scenes, Strip Wrestling, Bondage Wrestling and … whew, come and get creative!

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Pool Party Suspended due to insurance

We are sorry to announce that the Pool Party is suspended until further notice. We have received instructions from our insurance company that this event requires special event insurance at a cost that exceeds the average income. We hope to be able to reinstate this event with appropriate insurance in the future.

We would like to thank the Longhouse for extending their hospitality to this event over the years and wish them well.
Lisa Rogers Lowrance

Center for Sex Positive Culture
Board of Directors