Blog Series: In a Sex Positive World

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In A Sex Positive World by Virginia Lore

So, imagine you’re a teenage virgin in Kansas City in the 1980s. Everyone talks about how hot David Lee Roth is and how Reagan is going to save the world.

…Sex is Consensual by Sar Surmick, LMFTA

In this sex positive world people would be able to examine their own feelings about sex, positive or negative, and express them. People would be open about what they enjoy and their sexuality. No one would get confused about the difference between abuse and BDSM (Hint: the difference is honest and enthusiastic consent.) It would be okay if someone wants to be sexual and it would be okay if they don’t want to be sexual.

…No One is Shamed for Having Sex or Not Having Sex by Lightfoote

In a Sex Positive World, I wouldn’t feel broken at all. Ever. …  Imagine a color, a color you don’t hate but you’re not particularly fond of. And doesn’t suit you. Say, orange. Now imagine that all the people things are saturated in orange: clothes, gestures, cars, pictures, signs, food, everything. That’s what the world is like to me.

…Sex is a Health Circus by Dr. Serena McKenzie, ND, IF

sexuality is a kaleidoscope of so many factors that it can be challenging to even identify all the shapes that make up the whole picture.  And forget about finding all the colors! In fact, our sexual landscape is not so different from a circus act at times. Trapeze performers fly through the air, lion tamers snap their whips, and muscle men astound the crowd.

…Sex is Fun! by kikiPUCK

Having sex shouldn’t be a chore, it should be a celebration, and guess what? I’m here to party!

…Sex Can Promote Spiritual Growth by Lee Harrington

During sexual experiences … we step away from our mundane lives. We enter into an altered state of consciousness. In that moment, we open ourselves to an experience greater than ourselves.

…Sex Nourishes Relationships by Gloria JN

I’ve since learned that it’s impossible for shame and bonding to coexist. Period.

Sex Work is Not a Crime by Maggie

According to current laws, it’s perfectly alright if I have sex with someone for love, or to have babies, or for fun, or for friendship.  But if I have it because I’ve got bills to pay, that idea in my mind makes the sex so dangerous the state has the right to send armed men to stop me and lock me in a cage.  

…All Gender Identities are Welcome by Alexandra

In a sex positive world, sex would be a source of joy for trans women, not a deep well of shame that we’re told to drink from time and time again. Those of us that are sexual — and we do come in every variety of sexuality under the rainbow — would be free to explore that side of ourselves without worry. And those of us that are asexual would be able to be asexual in a world that didn’t see them as broken.

…Sex Education is More Than Just Disease Prevention by Virginia Lore

I learned a similar skill from a sex worker in Sex Ed 201. Except instead of a banana, it was a a strap-on dildo. And she put the condom on with her mouth instead of her hands. I went straight home and practiced until I couldn’t stand the taste of latex anymore. It’s … ah … harder than it looks.

…Sex is a Lifelong Component of Personhood by Allena Gabosch

While I haven’t stopped, I’ve learned to adapt.  My sexuality has become more thoughtful and a bit less crazy and it’s still fulfilling and amazing.

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Prequel:  Stepping Stones to Sex Positivity by Panda

I had just been through a heart-wrenching breakup with my girlfriend. I was pretty mopey. My wife was very supportive, but she was tired of hearing about it.