June Newsletter

Salutations Sunny Sweethearts! 

The CSPC Newsletter is here with your monthly update of all the fun happenings of your favorite sex-positive nonprofit. Check out our upcoming parties, learn about the benefits of volunteering, and see what you can do (in just two minutes!) to help our organization.  

Upcoming Events: 

All In Pan Party- Where anything goes and everyone is welcome. 

Friday July 12th from 8pm to midnight 

New Member Orientation at 7pm 

All In Pan Party- Another chance to attend this great event! 

Friday July 19th from 8pm to midnight 

New Member Orientation at 7pm

On the Edge- a party for your sharpest fantasies… 

Saturday, July 20th from 8pm to 1am 

New Member Orientation at 5pm

Femme SovereignTEA- a casually elegant tea party for dominant femmes and those who love to serve them. 

Sunday, July 21st

11am to 5pm for servers 

Noon to 4pm for Sovereign Femmes 

Volunteer Orientation and Registration Training- a great way to make friends and learn new skills. 

Thursday, July 25th

7-8pm Volunteer Orientation

8-9pm Registration Training

PAINS: Penny’s Academy for Incorrigible Naughty Sluts

Saturday, July 27th from 8pm to midnight

New Member Orientation at 7pm

Fresh Meet- A great party to make new friends and try new things. 

Friday August 2nd from 8pm to midnight 

Passport Meeting at 7pm

New Member Orientation at 6pm (get your tickets early, this event sells out fast!) 

La Queer- An LGBTQIA party!

Saturday, August 3rd at 8pm  

New Member Orientation at 7pm

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! Check out our Events Page and see the parties we have lined up for the next three months! 

Lost & Found Items

Looking for something you left behind at a CSPC event? Current items can be found here. If you see something that belongs to you, you can either pick it up by attending an event or by coming to the board meeting. Board meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm at Gallery Erato. Items that haven't been claimed for 2 months will be disposed of.

Got 2 minutes? Take a Survey and Help the CSPC! 

If you’re looking to contribute to the CSPC, but you don’t have the time to volunteer or the funds to donate, you can still do us a giant favor by taking our monthly survey. Your answers will help inform our decisions as an organization and keep an eye on the issues important to you. The best part? It will only take 2 minutes. 

This Month’s Survey

One of the best ways to normalize a lifestyle or people group is to be open about it. Having a queer or kinky friend, for example, makes a person far more likely to support the entire marginalized group. Who are you currently out to? Who do you want to come out to? Answers are anonymous.  Let us know.

Make Friends and Build a Better Community for All:  

Are you a person who has been positively impacted by your experience at the CSPC? Are you looking to connect with more people and build a community of friends in the sex positive scene?  Come volunteer with us! Not only does volunteering help integrate new folks into our community, but it also gets you into the party for free! Our next volunteer orientation is on July 25th

The Party of Your Dreams Can Be a Reality!    

Is there a specific event that the CSPC should host? Is there an event from the old space that you miss? The Programming committee is looking for enthusiastic people to get the ball rolling on bringing new (and old) parties to life at the CSPC. They will help you plan, staff, and host your very own CSPC party! All it takes is a great idea and a can-do attitude. Email programming@thecspc.org to get started. 

Let’s Get Personal

This month we have a special addition to the CSPC Blog. Giovanna is a relatively new member of the CSPC, but her journey of kink exploration leading to greater self-acceptance is one that might strike a chord with many of our members. Read about her introduction to our community, and about how the CSPC helped her discover more of what makes her happy, on our website. If you have a story about the positive impact of sex positivity or the CSPC that you’d like to share on our blog please reach out to grace@thecspc.org with a short summary of what you want to share. 

New Operations Manager

The Center for Sex Positive Culture has been an entirely volunteer run organization for the last 3 years. However, that has recently changed with the hiring of a very part-time interim Operations Manager. The leadership deemed it most prudent, reliable, and efficient to hand off day-to-day, critical tasks to a single dedicated individual. This marks a milestone in the Center's goal to reach long term sustainability, which we are very excited about. Our very own Sadie has stepped down from the CSPC Board to temporarily fill this role while we conduct a public search in the coming months. We will send out further communications with more details soon.

Questions or Comments?
If you have questions for the CSPC but you’re not sure who to contact, check out the CSPC Directory for contact info and the areas of focus for each of our board members. For general feedback, please use feedback@theCSPC.org.

That’s all for this month. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!
The CSPC Board of Directors

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