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Monique Darling and Peter Petersen will be in town this Monday for Successfully Navigating Threeways and Tuesday for Official Cuddle Party & Qigong. I spoke with Monique a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share Peter’s perspective as well. We spoke by phone on Wednesday.

Why do threeways? Is the question different for an individual compared with a couple?

Apart from it being different and exciting and potentially more sensual, when you find that extra person who has amazing chemistry and energetic flow with you, it can create the most super spectacular, fun sexual experience. However, It can also create the most haywire, chaotic and emotional paperwork and red tape you can possibly ever think of. So, If it’s not conducted with some awareness and panache and tact, it can create super crazy making experiences you do not want to explore. You have to be super aware and conscious of how it’s executed or you can create more strife than it’s worth.

Motivation for an individual:

I think the paradox between the individual and the couple is that the motivations are very similar and completely different. The individual is looking to have some fun and do something different. And the couple is looking to have some fun and do something different. Beyond that, it’s a tough question. I look at it as a way to explore the human body and sensuality and sexuality. Couples may be looking to break up the monotony. Bringing a third person in can be a game changer. It changes the flow of how the whole operation works. I almost think the couple sometimes wants the threesome more than the individual. They may be more attached to having the individual come into the dyad and play.

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On Ramp Oct. 6th at 7

Sex & kink in a laid back setting

When: 7pm-Midnight, First Tuesday of Every Month
Where: Main Space
Who: Members & Invited Guests
Member Cost: Members: $15, guests pay $25
$5 discount before 9pm
Premium and AYCE cardholders: Free

On Ramp is a relaxed party that’s perfect for socializing, learning, and playing. It’s an ideal event for those new to the CSPC or the sex positive lifestyle, as well as anyone looking for a milder BDSM party. All ages are welcome.

On Ramp begins with Test Drive, from 7 to 9: a chance to discuss or try out new activities. This could be a demo, a tasting, a facilitated discussion, guided practice time, or something entirely different. The theme will be different each month. Test Drive your desires with us!

During the party, music is kept a little low to encourage conversations. Hard points over the back of the dance floor and parts of the carpeted area will be available for suspensions. Please keep louder conversation in the snack and coffee table areas. The carpeted space will contain racks and futon couches for various play spaces and low conversation. The play space may be changed around to match Test Drive’s theme, when appropriate.

Use of the messy and medical rooms may be arranged for scenes which require privacy or are on the edgier or louder side. Please make arrangements before the event, or be willing to be flexible. Back rooms are available for sex and more.

For questions, please contact

Ethereal Embrace Oct. 8th at 9pm

Ethereal Embrace invites you to explore intimacy and connection without a physical focus.

Who: CSPC Members and Invited Guests Only
Cost: Member Price: $15, Guest Price: $25
When: Every 3 months on the 2nd Thursday, 9pm – 12:30am
Where: Main Space

Ethereal Embrace invites you to step outside the box, share your mind and emotions with another, and explore ways to cultivate intimacy that aren’t physically focused. In particular, we challenge you to set aside sex, physical pain, and cuddles for an evening, experimenting instead with other ways to develop and express closeness with another person. Whether that’s sharing a dream with a stranger, or being forbidden to speak on a leash by your Master’s side – or anything in between – we’d love to see what connects your minds and hearts, when you’re not connecting your bodies.

Here are some of our favorites, for those of you looking for inspiration (though we’d be happy to get inspiration from you, too):



*Behavior training

*Mental bondage

*Intimate discussions or negotiations

Please note that Ethereal Embrace is one of three quarterly parties that cater to the asexual demographic and to those who​ are uncomfortable being around traditional expressions of sex. We ask that you be respectful and cognizant of that and refrain from overt sexual behavior, even if you’re incorporating nonphysical connection.

If you have questions about whether the play you’d like to do fits with the energy of our party, please contact us at

Celia speaks with Monique Darling~~ Blog Post

Monique Darling and Peter Peterson will be presenting for the Foundation on October 12th and 13th. I first met Monique at Sex Geek Summer Camp last year. She travels so much that one of her sites is It was a great pleasure to catch up with Moniuqe when she visited for the FSPC Education Forum and I asked her these questions a few days via phone…………

You are identified as a “three or moresome choreographer extraordinaire.” Can you tell us what that means?

It means that in the over 200 threesomes and moresomes that I have participated or directed, there have only been two that I would classify as not successful. In the other 198, everyone walks away feeling like it was a win for them.

I help people be more comfortable in their bodies and in their akward or discomfort. We create a playful atmosphere where it’s not so serious and we can all enjoy one another. The greatest tool that I can offer someone is that it’s always about multiplication, not subtraction. Moresomes are about adding to the existing relationship, not taking away from it.

Will this workshop apply for people in Dominant/submissive relationships? How?

It can definitely apply. The class is full clothed, so there are lots of opportunities to play around.  It will give you skills on how you can support each other. You will learn to be the director and direct the other two players for fun. You can either try both sides or stay in your dynamic and play together.

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The Libertine Social Club Saturday Oct. 3

A Decadent, High-Protocol Event. Serve or be Served.

8pm-1am, First Saturday in February, June, and October
Who: CSPC Members and Invited Guests Only
Member Prepay Cost: $30
Guest Prepay Cost: $40
Premium, AYCE Prepay Cost: $10
In-service attendants: $10 for members, $20 for guests, RSVP required.
Tickets are available on TicketLeap  and advanced purchase is required. Tickets will not be available at the door without prior permission. Those interested in serving the event are required to RSVP at with at least 72 hours notice, as well as attend a training class before the event.

Much more information can be found in our FetLife group – Join the discussion!

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Seeking Board Members to represent the Community

We are looking for members to serve on the Nominating Committee for 2015/2016 Community Board Members! You will be nominating candidates to serve a 1-year term on the Board of Directors. These shorter terms make board service accessible to more members and ensure a fresh flow of ideas and energy on the board. Email for more information or to indicate your interest in serving on the committee or standing as a candidate.

Lisa Rogers Lowrance
Center for Sex Positive Culture
Board of Directors

Poly Social & Party September 25th


WHEN: 4th Fridays, 8:00pm-1:00am


WHO: Singles, couples, triads & moresomes are all welcome. All genders & poly styles are OK, no matter your definition. 18+, ID required.

Cost: Suggested Donation if attending the Social part of the event. Cost is $20 ($5 off if arriving before 9pm)

If attending Play area: Member Cost: $20 & Guest Cost $30
$5 Discount before 9pm
No one turned away from the social due to lack of funds.
Premium & AYCE Cardholders: Free

This is a social gathering for all polyamorists (and those curious about polyamory).
We welcome all genders, ages (18+), races, shapes/sizes, sexual orientations and preferences, religions, backgrounds, familial structures, and abilities.
There are no predetermined questions or structured discussion groups at this event, it is aimed at those who wish to find, and enjoy, socializing with other polyamorists.

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Rough and Tumble 2nd & 4th Mondays

The place to play rough.

When: 6pm-Midnight on the second and fourth monday of every month
Who: Members and invited guests, 18+
Where: The Annex & Raw
Cost: $10, guests $20
Premium & AYCE Cardholders: Free

Includes admission to the Monday Madness that starts at 7PM.

The Rough-N-Tumble is held on the second Monday and fourth Monday of each month.

The second Monday is the Dojo. On this evening we include: The Dojo Instructional Series. The focus of the Dojo Instruction Series is toward the training and practice of: martial arts, rough play, safety, personal defense, and kink. With this in mind, our instructors deliver a wide range of topics, themes, and skills.

The second Monday and fourth Monday include: The Kundalini Practice Series
Sessions led by Roberto, one of the hosts.

We encourage all sorts of play at these event, both rough and not so rough (we have pillowfights!). Our more popular activities include: Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts, Wrestling, Sword Fighting, Knife Fighting, Take-Down Scenes, Strip Wrestling, Bondage Wrestling and … whew, come and get creative!

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