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Stronger Than You Think 11/28 8pm

A Cock and Ball Torture Party

Who: Open to the public, 18+ ID Required
Cost: $20 for Members, $30 for Non-Members
When: Saturday, Nov 28th, 8pm – Midnight
Where: Annex, Raw Space

** Attendance vouchers will be available to the attendees of the same-day Stronger Than You Think: Cock and Ball Torture workshop.

This is a sort of “guided play party”, focused on Cock and Ball Torture. It’s partly an opportunity for attendees of the workshops “Stronger Than You Think: Cock and Ball Torture (Parts One and Two)” to practice what they learned in the workshops in a setting where the instructor for those workshops is actually present to answer questions and give advice. There will also be CBT “gear rides” available and more advanced Demonstrations offered Or you could just do Cock and Ball Torture on your own.

For more information, contact Daniel McGlothlen at

Try It, You’ll Like It! A BDSM Tasting Event 11/29 at 7pm

Try It, You’ll Like It! A BDSM Tasting Event

Ever wondered what it was like to have rope pulled tight across your chest? To feel the sting of a cane, the caress of a flogger, or the kiss of a single tail.
When: 7pm-11pm on every 5th Sunday

Where: Main Space
Who: This event is Open to the Public, 18+ with id and forms
Cost: $15 for members, Non-Members $25
Premium & AYCE Members: Free

If there is a BDSM sensation that you haven’t tried, but want to… Please come to this event. We will have 10-15 Tops offering a variety of sensations. The lights are up, the music is lively and you have the opportunity to ask questions before and after your taste.

The doors open at 6:30. The tastes begin at 7pm and end at 10:30pm. The first half hour of the event is for getting checked in at the cashier, and checking out the what is available for tasting. The last half hour of the event is for chilling and processing your experiences. There will be homemade baked goods and fresh fruit for keeping your energy up throughout the night. Go here and let me know your coming, so that I can have enough goodies for all!

This event does not offer a space for having sex. The backrooms, Annex and RAW spaces will be closed for our event.

For questions, please contact

CSPC Winter Vendor Fair 12/5

Vendor Fair Postcard

CSPC Winter Vendor Fair offers gifts for everyone on your list be they naughty or nice! Featuring creative vendors from the Pacific Northwest and beyond this vendor fair is sure to be titillating and exciting for all!

Join us for a day of shopping for that sexy person in your life. Featuring creative vendors from the Pacific Northwest and beyond this vendor fair is sure to be titillating and exciting for all!

When: 12pm – 5pm, Saturday, December 5th
Where: All spaces, Enter through Annex door
Who: Open to the public, 18+ ID Required
Cost: $5.00 suggested donation

Bring your friends, bring your partners, and bring yourself to see items specially brought to you by our vendors to spice up your holiday season. Treat your loved one or treat yourself – this is one event you do not want to miss!

Follow us on Facebook or Fetlife for announcement of featured vendors.

For other questions, comments, and to inquire about becoming a vendor contact

Vendor Fair Postcard

Blog Post: FrozenMeursault

Educator Image

I spoke with FrozenMeursault, sadist, geek, instructor, nice guy on Sunday afternoon. He will be presenting four classes on Monday and Tuesday, November 2nd and 3rd. ~~CeliaEducator Image

He will be teaching Monday afternoon on Caning, Monday evening is “Anatomy for Rope Bondage” and Tuesday evening is “Good Responses to Bad Problems.”

Why do you think that folks find caning intimidating?

I think folks have a specific image of caning gained from pornography or stories, an image of a bottom bent over a desk, the top standing several feet away, and a long rattan cane being swung hard to leave clear and severe marks.

It can feel disconnected, cold…for a lot of people that creates an artificial barrier between them and giving it a try.

What would you say to folks who are thinking about it?

It’s a very distinct sensation. It can be modulated to be more intimate and less severe. It provides a sensation that’s different from most other implements. Adding caning gives a different thing to feel or experience during a scene.

What’s your favorite thing about caning?

The severity. Just kidding. Not really though. I’m a sadist. I love when a partner allows me to be severe with them and we can experience that vulnerability together.

My style of caning is not traditional at all. It tends to involve very little distance between my partner and I. I love the marks that are left and how clearly they can be seen and felt. I derive pleasure from the marks themselves and from the style that I bring to caning.

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Blog Post: Peter Petersen



Monique Darling and Peter Petersen will be in town this Monday for Successfully Navigating Threeways and Tuesday for Official Cuddle Party & Qigong. I spoke with Monique a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to share Peter’s perspective as well. We spoke by phone on Wednesday.

Why do threeways? Is the question different for an individual compared with a couple?

Apart from it being different and exciting and potentially more sensual, when you find that extra person who has amazing chemistry and energetic flow with you, it can create the most super spectacular, fun sexual experience. However, It can also create the most haywire, chaotic and emotional paperwork and red tape you can possibly ever think of. So, If it’s not conducted with some awareness and panache and tact, it can create super crazy making experiences you do not want to explore. You have to be super aware and conscious of how it’s executed or you can create more strife than it’s worth.

Motivation for an individual:

I think the paradox between the individual and the couple is that the motivations are very similar and completely different. The individual is looking to have some fun and do something different. And the couple is looking to have some fun and do something different. Beyond that, it’s a tough question. I look at it as a way to explore the human body and sensuality and sexuality. Couples may be looking to break up the monotony. Bringing a third person in can be a game changer. It changes the flow of how the whole operation works. I almost think the couple sometimes wants the threesome more than the individual. They may be more attached to having the individual come into the dyad and play.

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Celia speaks with Monique Darling~~ Blog Post

Monique Darling and Peter Peterson will be presenting for the Foundation on October 12th and 13th. I first met Monique at Sex Geek Summer Camp last year. She travels so much that one of her sites is It was a great pleasure to catch up with Moniuqe when she visited for the FSPC Education Forum and I asked her these questions a few days via phone…………

You are identified as a “three or moresome choreographer extraordinaire.” Can you tell us what that means?

It means that in the over 200 threesomes and moresomes that I have participated or directed, there have only been two that I would classify as not successful. In the other 198, everyone walks away feeling like it was a win for them.

I help people be more comfortable in their bodies and in their akward or discomfort. We create a playful atmosphere where it’s not so serious and we can all enjoy one another. The greatest tool that I can offer someone is that it’s always about multiplication, not subtraction. Moresomes are about adding to the existing relationship, not taking away from it.

Will this workshop apply for people in Dominant/submissive relationships? How?

It can definitely apply. The class is full clothed, so there are lots of opportunities to play around.  It will give you skills on how you can support each other. You will learn to be the director and direct the other two players for fun. You can either try both sides or stay in your dynamic and play together.

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The Libertine Social Club Saturday Oct. 3

A Decadent, High-Protocol Event. Serve or be Served.

8pm-1am, First Saturday in February, June, and October
Who: CSPC Members and Invited Guests Only
Member Prepay Cost: $30
Guest Prepay Cost: $40
Premium, AYCE Prepay Cost: $10
In-service attendants: $10 for members, $20 for guests, RSVP required.
Tickets are available on TicketLeap  and advanced purchase is required. Tickets will not be available at the door without prior permission. Those interested in serving the event are required to RSVP at with at least 72 hours notice, as well as attend a training class before the event.

Much more information can be found in our FetLife group – Join the discussion!

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Seeking Board Members to represent the Community

We are looking for members to serve on the Nominating Committee for 2015/2016 Community Board Members! You will be nominating candidates to serve a 1-year term on the Board of Directors. These shorter terms make board service accessible to more members and ensure a fresh flow of ideas and energy on the board. Email for more information or to indicate your interest in serving on the committee or standing as a candidate.

Lisa Rogers Lowrance
Center for Sex Positive Culture
Board of Directors