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Consent For Leadership Workshop

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The Consent Academy Presents: Consent for Leadership!

Wednesday February 27th AND Thursday February 28th, 2019, 6pm-10pm. Workshop is both days.

Consent in our culture is evolving & expanding. While consent seems like a simple topic, it has complexity that requires nuance and discretion.  Join The Consent Academy for this special immersive 8 hour workshop, designed specifically for CSPC members who hold leadership positions. Together we will create a safe space to unpack assumptions and concerns about consent, learn the nuances between incidents and violations, as well as identifying personal blind spots.  We will also teach you techniques for expertly handling reports of consent issues and implementing consent culture that works best for your community.

How do you know if this workshop is right for you?

Although we all need to be able to talk about consent in an open and honest way, this workshop goes beyond the basics. Consent for Leadership is best for those who have served on the Board of Directors, EC’s, Party Champions, Monitors, anyone interacting with members.  If you have specific questions, please feel free to email

Hosted by CSPC Board of Directors, snacks will be provided.
Date: Wednesday February 27th AND Thursday February 28th, 2019 (this is a two-night workshop)
Time: 6:00pm to 10:00pm both days.
Location: Gallery Erato, 309 1st Ave S.
Cost: This workshop is being offered at a deeply discounted rate by The Consent Academy to the CSPC. Normally $150 per person, we are offering a sliding scale to make it accessible to as many people as possible, please pay what you are able, $50-$100, and consider sponsoring a scholarship if you are in the position to do so.

***We do not want lack of funds to prevent anyone from attending this event, so if you would like to request a scholarship to attend, please email to request a spot on the waiting list***

To purchase tickets, please register at this link.

Attendance is Limited to 30 people.

Presented by the Consent Academy:

The Consent Academy is a group of dedicated educators and activists who provide quality consent training and consultations. We have come together to promote Consent Culture through education, speaking out, and supporting organizations that want to do better. We talk a lot about consent and consensual activity. It’s the cornerstone of what we teach and who we are. And while that is easy to say, we know that living a dedication to consent takes work, awareness, and a willingness to engage.

For questions, email

About the Educators:

Lead Educator: Rachel (Bowen) Drake has a passion for helping people make breakthroughs and uncover their power. She is a Success Coach, educator, event producer, author and consults for the CSPC Board of Directors. Rachel also serves as the Deputy Director of the Seattle-based Consent Academy, which she helped found in 2016. She has held numerous leadership positions over the years, in addition to educating and coaching adults since 1998. In the mid 2000’s she honed in on her passion for healthy consent, sex and relationship dynamics. Since then she has helped thousands of people transform their lives and transition to success and personal freedom. She is currently working on her degree in Community Health Outreach and Education and expanding her Consent for Leadership workshop series to include Transformative Accountability for Leadership. She is excited for the highly anticipated 2019 release of The Consent Primer, Foundations for Everyday Life, the first “how-to” guide about consent which she co-authored. Rachel is excited to be bringing the Consent for Leadership workshop to the CSPC community.

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