March Newsletter

Greetings, beautiful bon vivants. We have lots to report this month, starting with some big news!

We have a new home!!

The Board of the Center for Sex Positive Culture is thrilled to announce that the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, now known as the Pan Eros Foundation, has secured a lease on a facility! This new facility is large enough for both of our organizations to fulfill our missions to serve our membership, community, and the public at large. We aren’t quite ready for our debut yet, but we appreciate your patience while we apply the finishing touches to our new space. For those who would like a sneak peek, there will be an exclusive preview for major donors jointly hosted by the CSPC and the Pan Eros Foundation on April 7th. Want to join? There is still time to contribute! If you wish to donate and secure an invite, you can purchase a legacy tile online or by calling (206) 229-2185.

While the facility is being converted into a permanent home for the CSPC, we will continue to hold our Soft Openings events at off-site venues. See the April schedule below.

Thank you for sticking with us

We appreciate our members who have stuck with us throughout this transition. Thank you for standing by us through our ups and downs, attending our events that we’ve held around town, and giving our new leadership a chance to bring us back from the brink. We also have tremendous gratitude for our rock star team of volunteers who have worked tirelessly to produce events during this period. We couldn’t have made it here without you!

We look forward to sharing more information with you as soon as we can!

Until then, have fun and play safe!

Michael P. Woo
President of the Board of Directors of the Center for Sex Positive Culture

On to our regularly scheduled programming... the March newsletter!

April Parties

Mark your calendars! There are two big events  coming up this month.

Soft Openings: Dark Arts
A goth night of the highest order
April 14th at Factory Luxe
With four sell out parties under our belt, don’t pounce too late.
Tickets and further details here. We are also hosting a new member orientation at 7pm.

Seattle Erotic Arts Festival
The Pan Eros Foundation (formerly the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture) hosts galleries by day and sexy art parties by night.
April 27-29 at Seattle Center Exhibition Hall
Info and tickets here.

Event Reflections

The Soft Openings III: Porno Party on March 17th was a bustling spectacle. A big thank you to our amazing new venue, Factory Luxe, for accommodating our perverse inclinations. Thanks to all of our members who packed the place out. And a huge thanks to our volunteers who continue to go above and beyond.

We appreciate receiving your feedback! Based on what we heard from you after Soft Openings II, we made the following changes:

  • Revised the check-in process to better protect member privacy.
  • Provided more healthy snack options. We unfortunately didn’t provide much in the way of high protein options and will make adjustments going forward.
  • Made our programing more POC/queer/trans friendly, which we addressed by screening lots of queer porn and bringing queer performers.

As exciting as it is to have the Porno Party be the biggest party yet, there was lots of room for improvement. The most glaring item was that it was just too crowded. This was a consequence of us adapting to a new venue and overestimated how many people could fit. As such, fewer tickets will be sold for the Dark Arts Party to give attendees more breathing room.

March Board Meeting

In addition to covering events, we discussed a few other topics at length. 1) Logistics for the Communications Director role, which included scope, process, and authority. 2) The need for clear mission-aligned objectives to focus the organization's efforts and decision making. 3) Diversity.

On the subject of diversity, the Board is committed to having a broad spectrum of voices represented from attending our events all the way up to board-level decision making. We want our community to be one that represents all races, genders, orientations, abilities, tax-brackets, and kinks. We know have a long way to go, and we are taking steps forward, starting with having conversations with our membership to find out how we can do a better job of serving and broadening diversity within our membership. Want to share your thoughts? Please let us know at

As usual, all are welcome to the next Board Meeting. Hear the latest updates, meet fellow members, and bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns to the Board.

April Board Meeting
April 11th, 7-9pm
Phinney Neighborhood Association
Blue building, room 3


A huge thanks goes out to those who took last month’s survey. We are reposting it in hopes of including more voices in an analysis of how members are meaningfully connecting with the organization. In turn, this will guide the CSPC in better serving the community. Please share a highlight moment in your experience with the CSPC (past or present). Be as specific as you can in one or two sentences. Take the survey here.   

Questions for the CSPC?

If you have questions for the CSPC but you’re not sure who to contact, check out the CSPC Directory for contact info and the areas of focus for each of our board members.   


That’s all for this month. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

CSPC Board of Directors

CSPC President | Membership Info | Event Planning | Full Directory

February Newsletter

Greetings ambrosial adventurers, let’s dive right in to this month’s CSPC newsletter!

March Parties

We have two parties coming at you next month at two new venues!

On March 17th, our Soft Openings III: Porno Party will bring our sultry parties to the south end of Seattle. Join us at Factory Luxe in SoDo for a party that overwhelms the senses. We will have porn projection! Live sex! Racks for making your impact! Put on a show for the group or just for yourselves. We'll have mattresses front and center as well as behind the sheers. There will be space for socializing and cuddling up by the fireplace to watch the night unfold. Get your tickets in advance here. We'll also be hosting a new member orientation in advance at 7pm.

Two weeks later on March 31st, Soft Openings IV: CHECK UP will bring the rough, heavy play that you'd hate to miss. Come join us in Ballard for an evening of heavy impact, rope bondage, medical play, and more. Bring your partners, bring your friends, and let us check your vitals. We're bringing the exam table and dental chair for all your medical play needs. There will also be racks for impact, a hard point for predicaments, mats for rough body play, and of course space for socializing and hanging out. Bring your own tarps and puppy pads if you’ll need them. Your appointment has been scheduled for March 31st at 8pm. Space is extremely limited for this party. Advanced tickets can be purchased here.

All Soft Openings parties have sold out so far, so don’t wait!

Event Reflections

We want to recognize and appreciate everyone who has helped the CSPC relaunch events: our venue hosts who provided beautiful space, our dedicated volunteers who organized, hauled furniture, and ensured a smooth event, and our fabulous guests who came out in droves to completely sell out both Soft Openings parties!

Together we are constantly trying new things and working to improve upon each event that we host. Thanks to the member feedback from our party on January 27, we made the following changes to our party on February 17:

  • changed up the floor layout to increase the number of spaces for play
  • created a clear pathway around the play space so people were less likely to walk through scenes
  • enabled ticket transferability through the member portal
  • kept our venue orientations close to the door, so folks didn’t have to hear tours going by during their scene
  • spent no time on the mic so we weren’t interrupting scenes with announcements

Every event brings new learning opportunities and room for continued improvement. Our next two events will be at new venues, so we are excited to explore the possibilities of these new spaces and look forward to hearing what you think.

February’s Board Meeting

The CSPC had quite a turn out at this month’s board meeting! Thank you to all who came and shared their questions, comments, and concerns. The biggest topic of conversation was transparency, with lots of thoughtful suggestions and feedback. We hear you! The board is bringing in reinforcements to help our organization do better on that front, and you can read more about that in the next section.

If you’d like to attend the next CSPC board meeting and take a glimpse under the hood, we’d love to have you. Join us at the:

March Board Meeting
March 14th, 7-9pm
Phinney Neighborhood Association
Blue building, room 3

New Board Members

Please join us in welcoming two talented humans onto the CSPC Board!

Sadie is a business consultant who has been involved in the scene since joining The Wet Spot in 2003. She is trained in education and theater. She carried the flame during the Center’s darkness by conducting a regular high protocol tea. Sadie has demonstrated ingenuity in logistics as well as community building and is excited to help the organization grow.

Grace joins the CSPC with an established communications background. She is looking forward to meeting with the community and diving into the organizational process of the CSPC's communication methods to determine ways the CSPC can better serve its members across all platforms. Her favorite flavor of ice cream is strawberry, and she really wishes she owned a hairless cat named Hank.


As the CSPC moves forward, we are exploring how to best serve our community and members. To do this, we’d love to hear about a highlight moment in your experience with the CSPC (past or present). Be as specific as you can in one or two sentences. Take the survey here.

Questions for the CSPC?

If you have questions for the CSPC but you’re not sure who to contact, check out the CSPC Directory for contact info and the areas of focus for each of our board members.


That’s all for this month. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!
Until then, keep it sexy.

CSPC Board Member
Intersectional Business Strategy


CSPC President | Membership Info | Event Planning | Full Directory

January Newsletter

Greetings my vivacious voluptuaries,
Wow, it’s been a whirlwind month. Let’s jump right in before January in no more.

Soft Openings Review
This is Lindsey, Jess, and my first time throwing a CSPC party and it was truly beautiful. The lighting and decor, outfits, aerial performance, and music all led to a dreamy ambiance. Tickets sold out in a matter of days, which speaks volumes. Attendees dove right into play and many even stayed late to help clean.

Deepest gratitude to Octavia, Nicole, and Jamie for the unbelievable amount of work they put in, not to mention all the other volunteers and members who have supported this very important step in the rebirth of the CSPC. We’ve collected lots of feedback and hope to make the next event even better.

The Next Event
If you missed our first sell out event, or can’t wait to get more, you’re in luck. The next event in the Soft Openings series is confirmed.

Soft Openings II : Hard Points
February 17, 2018, 8 PM - 1 AM
OmCulture in Wallingford

This will be a bondage and impact-focused party. We are still working out details with the venue. When all is settled, we will announce ticket links, orientation schedule, and the like.

Membership Status
A handful of members have reached out asking for clarification about the recent membership reactivation. Here’s a mini-FAQ.

Q: Why are you unfreezing memberships?
A: In order to attend events, you must have an active membership. This is in accordance with federal 501c7 guidelines. While some events were held during the freeze, holding further events could jeopardize our nonprofit status.

Q: With so few parties lined up, my membership doesn’t have the value it used to. What’s up this that?
A: This is something of a chicken and egg situation. We need active memberships to throw our first parties, but we need a full party calendar for a membership to have “value”. Thank you to all those who are taking a chance by re-upping your membership allowing us to get the ball rolling. It is totally understandable for the more risk averse to wait on the sidelines to see how the new CSPC shakes out. We respect this decision and hope that you decide to resume your membership soon.

Q: I want to participate, but feel weird about commiting to a year long membership when there is nothing concrete past the next month. Are there any other options?
A: We understand that it is a big ask for people to fully renew with such a limited calendar. As such, for a limited time, you can buy a 2-month membership for $10.

Q: Why are auto-renewing memberships mandatory in the member portal? 
A: We didn't realize "auto-renewal" was the default setting. It's off now. Anyone who wishes to opt in or out can do so in their member account. Go to the "What would you like to do" dropdown menu. Select "CSPC Membership". Look under "Current Membership", "Auto-Renewal".

Q: My unused membership from when the Center went dark is now live again, but I’m not ready to jump back into the CSPC.
A: We will be adding extra time to all active memberships while the event schedule is sparse. Though the details are still being decided, the current plan is to extend memberships until we procure a long term venue or facility where we can hold several events each month. This is a financial risk, but the Board believes it’s important that we do right by our members and demonstrate how important your continuing support of the CSPC is. If you currently don’t have an active membership, we encourage you to try a 2-month membership.

Building Search
The contract between the CSPC and our sister org, the FSPC has now been signed! This cements our future occupancy relationship, and gives the Foundation additional leverage in their building search. This has been several months in the making and both boards are excited to be moving forward together.

The search itself continues!

Volunteer Appreciation
Before signing off I’d like to give a special shout out to all the scrappy people who carried the Center through the dark period. With events at Club Sapphire, munches, writers clubs, not to mention the folks processing CSPC mail, tending to the bills, all have kept the hope alive. It is staggering to regularly hear stories of the passion and initiative you bring to the table.


That’s all for now. If you’d like to chat with the board or be on the bleeding edge of CSPC news, attend our next board meeting on February 13, 7 PM at the Phinney Neighborhood Association.

Until next time, keep it sexy =)

CSPC Board Member
Intersectional Business Strategy