What exactly do you do here? +

The CSPC community orchestrates events where members can explore and celebrate their sexuality. Depending on the event, this can involve play (BDSM, sensation, etc.), sex (voyeurism / exhibitionism, group, etc.), and socializing. Consent and respect are of the utmost importance, and we have trained staff overseeing activities.

Sounds fun! Can I come? +

Our parties are open to CSPC members and their invited guests. Not a member yet? You must first attend a New Member Orientation. We host New Member Orientations before most of our parties. If there is an event you want to come to but are not a member, look for an event that is billed as “New Member Orientation before [name of event you want to go to ] and then purchase a ticket! We also host New Member Orientations once per month on weeknights that are not attached to parties. Check out our Events Page to see what’s coming up.

“Does the CSPC host [insert particular kind of kink] parties?” +

All our events are created by our members, for our members. If there is a particular party that you want to attend and you don’t see it on our Events Page, that doesn’t mean we don’t do them, we just don’t have people who are championing them yet. You can bring that party to life! Contact the Programming Team to find out how you can create your dream party

Will I get to fulfill all my wildest fantasies? +

We sure hope so! But the reality is that it may take time to foster the connections and trust needed find those special partners. We hope to offer you a venue to see new things, have conversations, put yourself out there, and progress on your sexual journey. Enjoy the process! Having a friend or partner with you can be a huge help.

What do I wear? +

First off, please arrive in street-legal attire. Once you are inside, feel free to change into whatever makes you feel sexy and confident. We see everything from fetish wear to business casual. Some parties have themes, feel free to dress up if you feel so inspired! Still not sure what to wear? You can never go wrong with black or leather pieces. You can be naked, barefoot, wrapped in a sheet, dressed to the nines, covered head to toe in latex… your imagination is your only limit!

What is permitted at your events? +

Read our Essential House Rules

Can I bring a guest to a party? +

When a member purchases a party ticket, they have the option of also purchasing up to 2 non-member guest tickets. If after buying your member ticket, you later decide to bring a guest or want to switch your guest, you can do so in the Member Portal.

All members and guests must have a valid ID to enter the party.

Guests do not need to attend the New Member Orientation. However as their host, you are responsible for your guests following the Essential House Rules.

If your guest would like to attend the New Member Orientation, you both may if space permits. This WILL NOT count towards membership unfortunately as our software doesn't accommodate this scenario. Alternatively, your guest may purchase a New Member ticket, and you (the member) may join them if there is space.

Lost & Found +

Current items can be found here. If you see something that belongs to you, you can either pick it up by attending an event or by coming to the board meeting. Board meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm at Gallery Erato. Items that haven't been claimed for 2 months will be donated.


How do I become a member? +

Not a member yet? You must first attend a New Member Orientation. We host New Member Orientations before most of our parties. If there is an event you want to come to but are not a member, look for an event that is billed as “New Member Orientation before [name of event you want to go to ] and then purchase a ticket! We also host New Member Orientations once per month on weeknights that are not attached to parties. Check out our Events Page to see what’s coming up.

What does it cost to become a CSPC member? +

Membership is $5 per month. When you become a member of the CSPC your membership will auto-renew each month until you decide to cancel it. You can manage your membership in the Member Portal.

I attended a New Member Orientation but the member portal says my membership is inactive. +

Thanks for your patience! We process new memberships by hand, so it can take up to a week for us to catch up on paperwork. If it has been more than 7 days feel free to email us here.

How do I login to the member portal? +

Here is the login page.

How do I renew my membership? +

Log in to the CSPC Member Portal and select “My Membership” from the dropdown menu.

I forgot my member number. How do I log in? +

Do you remember the email address that is associated with your CSPC membership? That’s all you need to log into the member portal. Go to Help With My Account and enter your email address to regain access to the CSPC member portal. Once you are logged in you will see your member number up at the top of the page.

What if I changed my email address? +

If you no longer have access to the email address that you used to set up your CSPC membership account, email membership(at) with your legal name, your DOB, your CSPC member number, and the new email address you would like to use for your account.

I have a reciprocal membership, how do I attend a CSPC event? +

Go to the Membership section of our website and follow the instructions. Do note, reciprocal members still have to attend a CSPC New Member Orientation before attending their first event, but we do have those before nearly every event.


Can I buy tickets at the door? +

No - All tickets to all events must be purchased online in advance. Tickets must be purchased at least 6 hours prior to the event start time so that our hosts can print out the check-in forms. There are no door sales for any of our events. We know this is inconvenient but it is a necessary adaptation to our new location.

What if I don’t use credit cards? +

Visa gift cards purchased at convenience stores work great with our online system. Use cash to get one of those and then use it to get your tickets online.


I bought a ticket to a play party but can no longer attend. Can I get a refund? Can I transfer my ticket to someone else? +

We do not offer refunds to our play parties. However, it is possible to transfer your ticket, which you can do through the Member Portal.

To change who you are bringing as your guest: Go to your event registration page and edit the guest info. Changes are allowed up to 6 hours before doors open.

To transfer your ticket to another member: The recipient of your ticket must be an active member or they will not be let into the event. If need be, they can renew their membership online; this cannot be done at the door. To transfer, go to your event registration page and edit the attendee info. If the ticket includes a guest, you must update the guest name on their behalf (see "Changing your guest" above). Transfers are allowed up to 6 hours before doors open. You may wish to email the recipient a screenshot of the updated registration as proof of transfer. The recipient of your ticket and their guest must present their valid photo ID and their member number at the door.

I bought a ticket to a New Member Orientation but can no longer attend. Can I get a refund?

Yes, we do offer refunds for New Member Orientation if you email us in advance of the event to let us know. We understand joining can be a big decision, and you should do so in your own time.

What if I come to New Member Orientation and decide the CSPC is not for me? Can I get a refund?

There is no obligation to join the CSPC when you attend an orientation. We sell advance tickets because we do not have point-of-sale system at the door and our orientations often sell out out and we want to be sure there is space for everyone. If you decide you don’t want to become a member of the CSPC, let the person at the front desk know on your way out and email us so we can process your refund.


Our prior location on 15th Ave in Interbay closed in 2016. We now rent space on a per-event basis from Gallery Erato, which is the new permanent location for our sister organization, The Pan Eros Foundation (formerly the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture)

Directions and Parking +

Gallery Erato is located at 309 1st Ave S. There is a pay parking lot along our north wall. Pioneer Square has free on-street parking after 6pm and on Sundays. This neighborhood is very well served by public transportation, including many bus lines, the streetcar, and the LINK light rail.

Remove valuables from your car. You are welcome to store them in our lockers. If you required a lock, please bring your own.

Accessibility +

There is a small lip from the brick sidewalk into the Gallery. We have a folding wheelchair ramp that can be put out to transition over this lip so that our main floor will be accessible to folks in wheelchairs. It is stored just inside the front doors to the left and can be put out as it is needed. There are play stations, refreshments, and restrooms on the main floor. Unfortunately, the basement of our space is only accessible via stairs.

Will I be Welcome Here

I’m new to kink, are there beginner parties? +

We have a number of events geared towards people who are new to the community, such as Passport, Take Off Friday, Fresh Meet, and Amuse Bouche.

I am _ years old. Am I too young? Too old? +

Our events are open to anyone over the age of 18. Our parties welcome and celebrate the sexuality of adults of all ages- it really runs the gamut. Since we restarted operations in January of 2018, the youngest person through our doors was 18 and the oldest was 84.

Are parties queer/trans friendly? +

Absolutely! Our parties welcome anyone regardless of how they identify. If you are LGBTQIA and are interested in spaces that specifically center queer folk, come check out our quarterly party called LaQueer, which is created by our queer members for our queer members! Also, all of our bathrooms are gender neutral.

Are people going to watch me play? +

All of our play areas are open to members, so people can see you play. We do not have private rooms, though some mattresses may have sheer curtains around them. We ask that guests who are voyeuring from a social area be conscious of how their energy may project into a scene. In general, we ask that guests give players their space unless you are invited to come watch up close by the participants. Additionally, if someone’s voyeuring is impacting your scene and you do not like it, talk to a Monitor or an EC and our staff will ask that person to move along so you can continue your scene. We do have one party called Myself! that specifically encourages exhibitionists and voyeurs, so if having people watch (and get off) to your scene is your cup of tea, that’s a great event to check out!


The CSPC holds events at Gallery Erato, which is operated by our sister organization, the Pan Eros Foundation.

Want to talk to us? Come to our board meeting, which is held at Gallery Erato on the 2nd Wednesday of the month at 7pm.

309 1st Avenue South in Pioneer Square

Questions for the CSPC?
Note: Unless you request otherwise, emails sent to CSPC leaders may be shared among the leadership team in order to find you an answer. If you prefer some, or all, of your email not be shared, please make that clear.

Find the right person to contact below:


Board Member & Communications Director, press, info

Board Member, graphic design, event performers, accessibility

Programming Team Lead, member engagement, new event onboarding

Board Member, facilities, equipment rentals, org history

President of the Board & Managing Director, events, policy

Treasurer of the Board, finances

Tech Coordinator
Membership portal, registration

Secretary of the Board, legal

Executive Director & Board Member, mission alignment, recruitment

Board Member, interorganizational partnerships, ethics & consent

Interim Operations Manager, contractor

Volunteer Coordinator


Diversity Channel for thoughts and suggestions on improving diversity

General Feedback for the CSPC

Want to Champion a party? Reach out to Kelly and Shelley on the Programming Team


Still not sure who to contact? Email