November Newsletter

Happy Spanksgiving!
It’s been another eventful month on the path of resuscitating our beloved Center.

Meet & Greet Recap
I was truly taken aback by the turnout and enthusiasm we saw at Optimism Brewery. Some 75 people met up for recounting old stories, making new friends, getting updates from the Board, brainstorming, and flirting. There was a fairly even split of longtime members, newer members at the time of the Center’s close, and entirely new folks, forming what I would consider a healthy distribution. 

If you weren’t able to attend the Meet & Greet, not to worry. We plan to ramp this up to a bimonthly occurrence taking place in various corners of the Puget Sound. If you are interested in being an organizer, we could use your help! Please reach out for more info.

Seduction Photo Booth Recap
The Foundation (our sister org, heading up arts and education) threw a blowout halloween party known as Seduction. Fellow Board members Lindsey and Jess, photographer Andrew, and I jumped in last minute to document the lavish costumes and chat with visitors about the CSPC. I was delighted to have our booth sandwich between the electric scary chair and the puppy petting zoo. Such a fun time! Don’t miss the Foundations next big event, the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival on April 27-29, 2018.

Building Progress
As you probably know by now, the Foundation is taking the lead on the acquisition of a long term space to house both organizations. Their 501c3 status, as opposed to our 501c7 status, makes them the ideal lease holder. Their generosity in accommodating our needs for event, office, and storage space cannot be overstated. Lots of discussion and meetings have taken place this month, and we are in the final stages of formalizing an agreement with each other. The building hunt is well underway.

The most frequent question I get is, “When will we lock down a space?” This is difficult to answer given the chaos of Seattle’s real estate market, coupled with the nature of our hedonistic activities that are often misunderstood by potential landlords. In short, there is no predicting when the the right space will pop up, and when it does, we may have as little as a week to close the deal. In the meantime, the Foundation and the Center are getting their ducks in a row so that we are poised to move.

Rachel Joins the Board
Rachel brings much to the table and I am so pleased to have her on the CSPC Board. She is a pillar in the Seattle swingers community, a large segment of sex positive culture that admittedly the CSPC have fallen short of connecting with. She knows this city like the back of her hand: the people, the organizations, the venues, and the often opaque legal and political systems. Rachel is well versed in nonprofits, takes a systematic approach, and her emotional intelligence is through the roof. Welcome aboard!

KinkFest 2018
The Portland Leather Alliance is throwing KinkFest on the last weekend of March. There will be tons of workshops, an enormous dungeon, evening play parties, vending, and an art gallery tailored for our bdsm, fetish, and leather communities.

That's all for now. As always, you are welcome to attend our next board meeting on December 13, 7 PM at the Phinney Neighborhood Association.

Until next time, keep it sexy =)

CSPC Board Member
Intersectional Business Strategy