April Newsletter

Greetings captivating connoisseurs, we hope you are relishing the springtime flora.

New Building

In case you missed last month’s newsletter, the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture, now called The Pan Eros Foundation has secured a lease in Pioneer Square! Our grand opening bash will be in June, with the space serving as the primary venue for subsequent parties. Do keep in mind that for the next year or so, there will be ongoing renovations and the event schedule will gradually ramp up. We are working diligently on this, and will release further details on the space and the opening event once everything has been finalized. Thank you for your patience.

May Party!!

In the meantime, offsite events will continue.

Soft Openings // Fresh Meet
Part munch, all play party. Crafted for meeting new kinksters and building community.
Friday, May 18th at Factory Luxe
Cost: $25 for basic members, $15 for premium members.
An expanded new member orientation will take place at 7pm.
Current members can get their tickets here.

Event Reflections

Thanks to your feedback from our March 17 Porno Party, we made the following changes for April’s Dark Arts event.

  • Max headcount was reduced for a more intimate, relaxed vibe.

  • Ambient performances were moved to the beginning of the party to inspire more action early on.

  • Layout was rearranged for better flow.

  • More attention was given to light and sound levels.

Dark Arts boasted some stellar outfits, which significantly contributed to the atmosphere. Thank you for all the efforts that went into your attire! Many of you have suggested that we strictly enforce dress codes at our events, which we have not typically done in the past. We would like to test this out, so at select events in the future we will be leaning into our themes even further by mandating dress codes. We will ensure this information is shared in our ticketing links so guests can know in advance.

April Board Meeting Report

Additional topics discussed at this month's board meeting:

  • Launching our Diversity@theCSPC.org email address - Thank you for your submissions! We’re still looking for more responses. If you have comments or suggestions regarding diversity within the organization, we’d love to hear from you.

  • Event Process Design - As the board begins to hand off event production, we are building systems, guidelines, and resources to equip future organizers to throw successful parties as easily as possible.

  • Ethics Committee - The board is launching an Ethics Committee to provide a forum for ongoing review of our policies and procedures surrounding consent incidents within our community, as well as examining how we can best serve and support the needs of our community.

  • Mission Alignment - Responses from the Highlight Moment Survey are being assessed to better understand the unique value CSPC brings to the community and the world beyond. This will help us define a clear target towards which we can collectively focus our efforts.

As usual, all are welcome to the next Board Meeting. Hear the latest updates, meet fellow members, and bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns to the Board.

May Board Meeting
May 9, 7-9pm
Phinney Neighborhood Association
Blue building, room 3

Questions for the CSPC?

If you have questions for the CSPC but you’re not sure who to contact, check out the CSPC Directory for contact info and the areas of focus for each of our board members. For general feedback, use the new feedback@theCSPC.org.

That’s all for this month. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!

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