2019 CSPC Update: Your Journey, Your Center

What a wild ride we’ve been on! Not just the last year, with the new building and the return of events, but the whole 19 year history of the organization that was kicked off when some inspired, subversive individuals gathered in a Capitol Hill cafe basement and invited the community to celebrate who they were. Regardless of how long you have been with the Center for Sex Positive Culture, your wild ride started long before and has a ways to go yet. Thank you so much for making this community, in whatever capacity, a part of your grand adventure. This year, we ask that you consider new ways to participate at the Center, as you continue to pursue caring relationships, moments of euphoria, and self-acceptance.

In 2018, we worked hard to get back to serving our mission and the tens of thousands of people who have come into contact with the CSPC throughout its history. Dozens of people have stepped up to power this 100% volunteer run organization. As a result, parties have gone from 0 up to 7 per month, 28 parties total, and nearly a thousand new members have joined. Additionally we are settling into a prominent new home in downtown Seattle. While we still face many hurdles, we are so proud of what this community has accomplished.

Numbers aside, our wish is that you are able to find meaningful connection, quality people, growth, and enrichment. All of our programming decisions, financial decisions, and marketing are in the service of building connection. The more you engage in interesting, respectful, self-aware interaction, the healthier the ecosystem and the more opportunity for all of us to meaningfully advance along our personal journeys. It is this economy of connection and initiative that the Center for Sex Positive Culture is built on. Beyond your first or second attendance, a play party is only as engaging as the depth and breadth of connection you have with the people around you. Truth be told, building this connection may be easiest not at play parties, but through volunteering, munches, or similar lower stakes social opportunities.

Taking a look at our calendar you will see these opportunities to connect are sparse. This is where your initiative will be key. CSPC leadership and existing volunteers have reached their capacity. Our equilibrium is currently at 7 parties a month.

If we want to grow or shift our offering, it will require us to reawaken our community center roots. The Center can go only so far as a production company that serves clientele. Where we will thrive and where we will make the biggest impact in the community and the world is as a hub where individuals are empowered to converge and to actualize their journeys.

In 2019, the CSPC calendar is a reflection of community interest and initiative, and effectively determined by you. The Board of Directors and leadership serve as stewards: managing resources, offering guidance, and promoting engaging, ethical, and ultimately connection-building programing. All of this is to support you in building and participating in the events you hope to see.

We are shifting the model to get back to our community center roots. Do you want the Center to offer a movie night discussion, a knitting circle, a BDSM furniture construction sprint, or a special interest caucus? Take the lead and the organization will support you. Do you want more parties? Throw one! The Programming Team will usher you through the process. Would you like to contribute or gain experience behind the scenes with writing, fundraising, UX design, etc? Reach out.

The more initiative you are willing to take, the richer the experience for everybody, including yourself. Let us bridge the gulf between those who serve and those who partake. Both are essential.

I urge you to speak up, to participate, and to organize, all in the spirit of connection and personal growth. Let us journey together this new year and further strengthen the CSPC and the larger sex-positive communities. This is your journey, and your Center.

Nick Vu, Executive Director &
the CSPC Board of Directors

If you would like to volunteer at a party, visit our website.
If you would like to throw an event,
contact the programming team.
If you have an initiative you would like to organize, or would like to get involved behind the scenes, contact the Executive Director.