Relaunching Events! survey

Good afternoon members and subscribers =)

First off, thank you for all the warm welcomes and encouragement as our new team pushes off the starting block. Lindsey and I got the chance to sit down with Allena Gabosch, who offered so much warmth and insight, particularly on making the Center inviting when for many, stepping into that first encounter with our freaky crew can take all the courage in the world. Brief history lesson: Allena is a founder of the CSPC and ran it's predicessor, Beyond the Edge Cafe, that held kinky events in its basement that was located next to what is now Babeland in Capitol Hill. But I digress.

We are compiling a list of preferences for relaunching events for the CSPC, both for helping us secure a permanent space in collaboration with the FSPC (our sister org) and for the one-off venues we rent in the meantime. In order to respond to community needs, we'd love to hear your voice! Please complete this quick survey by next Monday so that we can discuss takeaways at the upcoming board meeting. Feel free to forward this to others.

Relaunching Events! survey <5min; due by 10/9/17

Thanks for your help!