Introduction to New Leadership

Dear marvelous members as well as the broader kink community, 

If you read Russell’s most recent update (FetLife link = NSFW), you know that the CSPC is undergoing a leadership transformation. As the newest members of the board and the incoming leadership, we wanted to take a quick moment to introduce ourselves.

Our names are Nick, Lindsey, and Jess, and we are the driving force behind the next phase in the organization’s life. We are a group of queer, poly, kinksters who are obsessed with consent, social equity, and style. Our backgrounds span startups, change management, nonprofit governance, finance, event production, and community engagement. Perhaps our biggest hope for the Center is to have a diverse membership who co-creates enticing spaces to explore consensual sexuality.

Wednesday night marked our first meeting as members of the board, as well as the last day for five long standing members. We are so grateful for the blood, sweat, and tears they have poured into this organization and honored to receive their enthusiastic blessing and ongoing support.

To keep you up to speed, these are the main topics that we covered at the meeting.

  • The CSPC is in the process of formalizing its relationship with its sister organization, the Foundation for Sex Positive Culture (FSPC). As a refresher, we used to be a single entity and split to better serve our respective missions. The CSPC (501c7) is the members-only social club while The FSPC (501c3) focuses on education and the arts.
  • We are in discussions with The FSPC about securing a long term space. They will be taking the lead on the search, with the intention that the CSPC would rent space from them. This arrangement is advantageous due to their 501c3 status.
  • In the meantime we are looking both for one off and short-term venues to host parties. If you know of a great space please let us know!
  • Attendees of the meeting expressed the desire to help with the relaunch and for more frequent communication from leadership. We hope this letter is a good start!

Along with these updates, we will periodically release quick surveys to get your thoughts on one or two issues that are currently in discussion. We appreciate your input. Feel free to reach out to us on FetLife or to the board through Our next board meeting is October 11th from 7pm-9pm at the Phinney Ridge Neighborhood Association in room 31 (brick building). We hope you will join us!

That’s all for now. We are beyond excited, and deeply humbled, to be here. There is both a lot to learn and a lot to do, and we look forward to continuing this sexy journey with you. 

Name: Nick aka Mandroid
Pronouns: he/him/Sir
Interests: the smell of sandalwood, collar bones, zen, consent, sustainability, audiobooks, Ethiopian food, outlandish brainstorming, dark chocolate, hip hop dancing, science fiction, developmental psychology, chess, vintage motorcycles

Name: Lindsey aka Her RoyalHineyness
Pronouns: she/her
Interests: consent! sex positivity, making toys and building furniture, improv cooking, hosting parties, backpacking, skiing, entrepreneurship, organizational change, social justice, and prison reform

Name: Jess aka Femme_Daddy
Pronouns: she/her/Daddy
Interests: Femme4femme aesthetics, drag, queerness, intersectionality, consent, cyber witches, closeted artists, outcasts, comics, equal energy exchange, brats, printmaking, gogo dancing, dog toes, community building, matte lipsticks, platforms, and ice cream