Greetings sex positive community,
It’s been a while and we’d like to give you an update to the La Queer party incident that happened on 8/3/19. If you haven’t yet, please read the 9/4 update for context, including a rundown Transformative Accountability and how we’re implementing it.

As a reminder, according to CSPC policy we uphold the privacy and anonymity of our members. We hope to shed light on the organization’s activity, while obscuring the identities of those involved.

The last month has been slow moving. The Board of Directors (BoD) was hit hard with burnout, family issues, serious health concerns, and demanding day jobs...frankly all things that must be prioritized over our volunteer positions. We are still committed to the original gameplan, and have made modest progress, including some important steps forward. 

The auditing and information gathering phase of the inquiry is complete. 

So far, we have invested approximately the following into this Transformational Accountability process: approximately 24 people have contributed, 7 in person meetings, 10 group phone calls, 673 emails, and 300 person hours.

We will soon begin to review the findings and develop action plans for the parties involved, including the CSPC itself. The purpose of an action plan is to offer participants a path that involves demonstrating sufficient introspection and growth in order to rebuild collective confidence in their capacity for healthy participation in our community. Participants are free to accept or decline their offer, and the BoD will graciously accommodate these wishes. In the interest of privacy, it will be at the discretion of each participant whether their action plan, and the implications of accepting or declining, will be made public. 

Though we are still working out the CSPC’s action plan, we would love your help in holding the organization accountable. Our decisions have played a significant role in creating the environments that led to the La Queer incident. The insufficiency of our policy and procedures, coupled with pushing an untenable party schedule, put undue stress on ourselves (the BoD), leadership, the volunteer corp, and ultimately the members. We will soon begin reviewing, rewriting, and supplementing the organization’s policies and procedures so that we can operate in a more affirming, community-fostering, and sustainable manner. It is crucial that we have involvement from outside of the BoD to ensure that diverse voices have a say. This will perhaps be the single biggest opportunity for you to shape the future of the CSPC.

How would you change CSPC policy? We need your help. 
Apply to the Policy Task Force here.

Thank you again for your patience and desire to make the CSPC a better place.