The CSPC Board of Directors Progress Report

Note: Summaries are posted newest first. If you are catching up, start at the bottom.

Working On

  1. Ongoing party administration

  2. Create roadmap of phase 2 of the TA process and inquiry, examining CSPC policies and incident reporting.

  3. Proceed with phase 2 of the TA process and inquiry.

  4. September Newsletter.

  5. Review applicants for Operations Manager position.

Week of Sept 9, 2019

  • Operations manager listing closed. Processing applications.

  • Board officer reports written and collected.

  • Board meeting cancelled due to multiple illnesses. Held informal discussion instead. No votes held. 

  • Recruiting communications help.

Week of Sept 2, 2019

  • Deliberation on how new Transformative Accountability inquiry processes must navigate old, potentially outdated, yet binding CSPC policy.

  • Meetings with inquiry participants

  • Actions based on member input: Drafted, approved, and posted the La Queer incident update. (Suggested at 8/14 BoD meeting)