November Newsletter

Greetings Frosty Friends!

 It’s fall now, and while the weather might be chilly it’s important to remember that underneath all those cozy sweaters and fluffy scarves we’re all naked. Yes, every single one of us is naked under those layers and layers of clothes. Don’t believe us? Well then it’s probably time for you to come to another CSPC event to see for yourself!

Starting in December, we are proud to say that we have parties every week- and some weeks we even have two! Come check us out and see all the new parties we have to offer.

Upcoming Parties

On The Edge
Missing the days of Asylum and In Irons? Want to break out your needles, knives, chains, and canes? This is the party for you.
Saturday, December 1st at 8pm
New Member Orientation at 7pm

Layover: A Chill Daytime Play Party
This party has a little bit of everything. It’s your direct flight to afternoon delight!
Friday, December 7th from noon to 5pm
New Member Orientation at 11am.

Passport Meeting
A great way to learn about the community and explore with new friends!
Friday, Dec 7th at 8pm
Included with a ticket to Take Off! or to CSPC New Member Orientation before Take-Off.

Take Off! A High Flying Party for Everyone
Rookie pilot or flying ace - this is the place! Soar into the evening with BDSM, sex, socializing, and more.
Friday, Dec 7th at 8pm
New Member Orientation at 7pm

All In! A Pan Party- December 14th
All In! is our pansexual pangender play party with something for everyone
Friday, December 14th at 8pm
New Member Orientation at 7pm

All In! Pan Party- December 21st 
All In! is our pansexual pangender play party with something for everyone
Friday, December 21st at 8pm
New Member Orientation at 7pm

December Myself! Party
Exhibitionists and Voyeurs join us for a jolly good time!
Sunday, December 23rd at 6pm
New Member Orientation at 5pm

All In! Pan Party- December 28th
All In! is our pansexual pangender play party with something for everyone
Friday, December 28th at 8pm
New Member Orientation at 7pm


Support the CSPC!
Tis the season of giving! If you have a little room in your budget to support the CSPC, we would be grateful for your donation. (Note: you must log-in to the member portal to donate.) Not able to make a monetary donation at this time? Come help us with an event! We are always in need of folks who can volunteer their time. Our next volunteer orientations are on Dec 3rd and 13th.


New Member Orientations
In response to the tremendous interest in joining the CSPC we’ve added an additional New Member Orientation on a weeknight that is not connected to a specific party. Reserve your spot at the following link. Advanced tickets required!

New Member Orientation, Monday, December 3rd at 7pm  

Volunteer Training Sessions
Whether you’re a new member or have been with the CSPC since the beginning, you can make a difference in the future of this organization by joining our incredible group of volunteers. If you’re interested in getting more out of your CSPC membership, making new friends, learning new skills, and seeing CSPC parties come to life, volunteering is for you! We’ll be hosting several volunteer training sessions over the next month, so come out and see us! No registration is required- just drop in! All sessions begin at 7pm

Monday, Dec 3rd - Volunteer orientation, Registration training, and Monitor training

Thursday, Dec 13th - Volunteer orientation and Registration training

CSPC Board Meeting
If you’d like to hear the latest updates, meet the board, and bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns to the organization, please join us for our next meeting. All are welcome! Want time on the agenda? Email with your proposal.

December CSPC Board Meeting
Wednesday, December 12th, 7-9pm


We want to hear your feedback!
We are constantly iterating on our processes and improving our programming based on feedback from members. Will you tell us what you think? Fill out the 2 question monthly survey. Add your voice, and help us strengthen our community.

Questions or Comments?
If you have questions for the CSPC, check out our brand new FAQ! For general feedback, please use

That’s all for this month. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!


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