The CSPC Board of Directors Progress Report

Note: Weekly summaries are posted newest first. If you are catching up, start at the bottom.

Working On

  1. Prepare and release a public statement regarding the Transformative Accountability process and inquiry.

  2. Finalize and post August Newsletter

  3. Create roadmap of phase 2 of the TA process and inquiry, examining CSPC policies and incident reporting.

  4. Proceed with phase 2 of the TA process and inquiry.

  5. Open Search and recruitment for FetLife monitor.

  6. Review applicants for Operations Manager position.

Week of Aug 26, 2019

  • Created a prioritized project queue, we currently have 29 critical projects lined up. Want to help? Contact to help rebuild the CSPC.

  • Much work has been done to move the La Queer inquiry forward, though it can’t be commented on quite yet. We have outlined a public statement to bring everyone up to speed, but it has yet to be drafted or approved. This release is our top priority at the moment.

  • Actions based on member input: Drafted, approved, and posted weekly Progress Reports in an effort to improve transparency. (Suggested at 8/14 BoD meeting)

Week of Aug 19, 2019

  • Event Coordinator Lead finished the La Queer internal incident report and provided it to BoD for review. (Note: Due to CSPC’s strict privacy policy, the report is unavailable to the public. However, a public statement will be made which will speak to its contents in general terms.)

  • Decision reached to incorporate the report into a broader inquiry into current policy, including but not limited to historic incident reporting practices. 

  • FetLife group rules were drafted. 

  • Operations Manager job listing posted on various sites. 

  • Coordinated BoD Gallery unlocking and registration prep for a month of parties during our operation manager's well deserved vacation.

  • Actions based on member input: Transitioning to proposed parties being required to have commitments for key volunteer positions before securing rental booking. (EC feedback)

Week of Aug 12, 2019

  • BoD prepared for what could be an influx of attendees at the 8/14 Board Meeting. Processes were created and extra time given to ensure all voices who wished to speak would be heard.

  • Common narratives included the need to make safer spaces for our queer members, and how volunteers are burning out due to a dearth in numbers and insufficient processes...which are not unrelated matters. 

  • Testimony from incident participants and stakeholders were, received, processed, and evaluated.

  • Actions based on member input: House Rules posters for parties were created and implemented for the All In party (8/16) and to be posted at all future CSPC parties. (Suggested at 8/14 BoD meeting)

Week of Aug 5, 2019

  • Following an incident at the La Queer party (8/3/19), BoD members caught up on the flurry of emails and public discourse. 

  • An emergency leadership meeting took place to formulate a preliminary action plan for the incident itself as well as the inflammatory postings on the unmonitored CSPC FetLife group.

  • Fet posting was disabled due to discrimination, doxxing, misinformation, and the lack of leadership bandwidth to properly monitor. 

  • The Board adopted a Transformative Accountability process to explore and address the incident, which required rapid training of leadership and assessing current power dynamics and the historic context.