July Newsletter

Greetings Foxy Friends,
Does this warm weather have you hot hot hot? Then dive right in to the CSPC newsletter, a refreshing dip into the wet and wonderful workings of your favorite kinky non-profit social club!

Here’s what’s coming up for events:
August Parties

La Queer: A LGBTQIA Party!
A new party at the CSPC for queer folx and their friends!
This Sunday, August 5th at 8pm
New Member Orientation at 7pm

August Myself! Party
Sex-friendly masturbation party for voyeurs and exhibitionists
Sunday August 26th at 6pm
New Member Orientation at 5pm

Want to make new friends? Contribute to something you care about? Learn new skills? Become a CSPC volunteer! We're hosting a volunteer orientation this month, and a Volunteer Appreciation Party next month. There’s never been a better time to get involved!

August Volunteer Orientation
Thursday, August 9th from 7pm-8pm
Gallery Erato: 309 1st Ave S.

August Board Meeting
All are welcome to join us for the next meeting of the CSPC Board. Come to hear the latest updates, meet fellow members, and bring your thoughts, questions, and concerns to the Board.

August Board Meeting
Wednesday, August 8th at 7pm
Gallery Erato: 309 1st Ave S.

Making Member Software Better: Is Your Legal Name a Dead Name?
As we’ve made the switch to using our online member portal using legal names and Legal IDs to enter events, we have learned that our new system can deadname our trans members. In an effort to ensure that we are affirming our trans members identities, we made changes to our member portal so that we aren’t deadnaming members. (Want to know what deadnaming is and why it is harmful? Read this).

We record members’ legal name and ID number because we need to be able to prove everyone is over 18 and are who they say they are (for both the law and for our insurance). We have been using the First Name and Last Name fields in our membership software for tracking members legal names. These fields show up in lots of places (event registrations! member portal! probably other places we haven't found yet!) and is not editable in the code. We discovered that if we want to stop deadnaming members, we have to find a new place to put legal names.

So here’s what we’re doing about it: We’ve created a new field in our membership software for legal first names so that we can move someone’s legal first name out of the “First Name” field, while still tracking legal ID for insurance purposes. Until we have a new door system, we will still be printing legal names (and the correct first name) for registration and will always require a Legal ID (so they can match), we hope this change on our end creates a better member experience for our trans members who, for whatever reason, are unable to change their legal name.

Want to change your name in our system? We have added the legal first name field to the member portal under "Update Profile" so that anyone who wants to change their first name in our database has the power to do so. Do note that we do need your legal name in our system to match your legal ID or else we won’t be able to let you into the event.

CSPC Board
New Board Elected Positions
This month’s CSPC Board Meeting included the election of a new Board President, and the election of two leadership roles. Lindsey Shelley will be stepping into the role of Board President and Managing Director to oversee day to day operations, serve as member liaison, and manage events. Nick Vu has been elected as the Executive Director, with responsibilities including strategic initiatives, branding/marketing, recruitment, leading special programs, and high level volunteer communications.

A Special Thanks!
We would like to recognize and sincerely thank the contributions of CSPC President Michael Woo for the hard work and dedication they gave to the CSPC over the past year. Michael was instrumental in formalizing the CSPC’s relationship with the Pan Eros Foundation (formerly the FSPC) and stewarding our recent transitions. As President, Michael was welcoming and supportive of our new board members and their new ideas. It is clear to all of us that we would not be where we are today without Michael’s tireless efforts. Thank you, Michael!

Committee Updates
During our last Board Meeting, we created the CSPC’s Programming Committee to oversee our programming and process design work.

The objective of the Programming Committee is to curate events (parties and socials) to promote member engagement and retention. This may include new member programs and activities, scheduling event to meet demand, and generally offering opportunities for members to interact face to face. Kelly has been named the chair of this committee.

Underneath the umbrella of the Programming Committee, the Process Design team has been working to standardize party creation and evaluation in order to maximize the quality and ease of party production. To do this, the team has been building a workflow for members to submit party concepts, providing the guidelines and resources they need as organizers, and metrics by which to evaluate the success of the party.

Have a party you want to throw? Send an email to programming@thecspc.org and you can help us beta test our new process!

Questions or Comments?
If you have questions for the CSPC but you’re not sure who to contact, check out the CSPC Directory for contact info and the areas of focus for each of our board members. For general feedback, please use feedback@theCSPC.org.

That’s all for this month. We hope to see you at an upcoming event!


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